OOTD-Riri on dots

this awesome awesome awesome riri shirt is from italy... i have always wanted one for ages right now first i thought of getting one of the life is a joke ones, but than never found THE right print or cut so i didn't buy it online- now i am so happy i did not because literally everybody runs around in this shirt so awful it really got sooo mainstream!
so i went to italy with my girls and ta ta taaa- there was one and even pimpt by randomly added red dots- how cool can it be!? huh
so my mood was so good as i found it and even better now at home where everybody have the same shirt and mine one is so different a lot cooler and nobody got it :D

<3 Milena
-the latest news from london are coming when i am at home this is a prepared post i did for you!

Sunnies, Pants,: H&M
Shirt: Italy
Necklace: Primark
Bracelet: Claires
Bag: Tagwerk
Shoes: Vans

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