OOTD-last day dres up

this was the outfit i choose for the last day in school in this schoolyear, i always like to get dressed up a bit in the begining and the end just for fun and to show how great the year was or how nice it will be :)
the shirt is also new from vienna- i saw it and istantly knew that i need to have it- there are some of these pieces you can't let down once you have catched them ;D
now i enjoy my free time- weather here is BAD i hate RAIN and it is raining EVERY single DAY....
but anyway i try to get trough it and think of nice hot weather and sand and beach :p

♥ Milena


OOTD-new leo on my feed

as i already told you yesterday i was in vienna with my class! :)
and of course i did some shopping... here is one of the things i brought with me- these leopard with red stripe-sandals and i am in love! i always wanted to have shoes with leo on- and finally found ones who are not looking to cheap or something because i think you can go sooo wrong with leo or just make it timeless awsome :D

tomorrow is my last schoolday then i start into my holidays! yay

♥ Milena


mystery light

found this awsome location in out hotel room where i stayed the night from saturday to sunday!
as soon as we arrived we knew - we need to shoot pictures anywhere, in every corner was something beautiful and mystery and just so lovely decorated- i really want to go back to this place ;)
enjoy the pictures they are something different than usally!

♥ Milena


OOTD-springs leopard

the cap came into my eyes and than i had this vision-this black dotted leopard kind of think must perfectly go to gether with my kind of salmon dark berry red leopard dress- and then the colors of course too- in my imagination there was this thought and i had to go for it-no way out :)
and i am so happy i really like this combination so comfortable and simple but anything else than boring! (:
and on top of it the pink flowers in the background -eeeew life is so beautiful!

haha i have this post prepared for you now i am still on my dancing weekend- i will tell you all the results tomorrow, and hopefully some pictures too, but there is a possibilty that i totally mess up and forget to photograph and so on maybe i am in a little rush so hahah no promises for that!

♥ Milena


OOTD-American college style

this is the outfit i told you about yesterday- it was a little bit cold, because when i got out to shoot them it acutally rained again -,-
haha but anyway i looove this kind of style-to me it has this american college cheerleader girls look :p which is absolutely nice to wear here in my town! not many others are going for it!
now i am off to the countryside where the competition takes place- whop whop lets see what happens! hopefully we can defend our crown- and be on top again this year...

♥ Milena


OOTD-garden edition

simple outfit with floooooowers in the back and on the trousers and in the front of my shirt detailed... just threw it on for a warmer simple day! :)
now its cold again...
i frooooze my ass off yesterday haha^^
i want summer back-eeeew!
this weekend i am off for a competition outside of my town, tomorrow morning I still have some training and then heading to the hotel half of the day i am going to be in the hall to dance and watch other competitioners, after that there's going to be a big workshop where everybody will show up and in the evening there is the aftershowparty which i will join also! :)
nice weekend guuys

♥ Milena



hellooo- this post was supposed to be uploaded 2 days ago... but then time went by so quickly, did this and that and so on- i just haven't forced myself to go and write this post! :)
this outfit is from last sunday where i was invited at my uncle and aunts house to enjoy barbecue with them and my grandma and some friends, it was quite a hot day and so lovely!
just when i was on my way home the weather changed and i had to do pics without sun- how sad!-a few minutes after homecoming it was raining buckets...
when i put this whole look together i was in a little rush so just threw on some basics, i left the house with wet hair so i decided to take the cap with me that the driving wind won't make me sick! :p

♥ Milena



 this is actually a look i wanted to share with you 2 days ago but in the meantime i hadn't the time to do, so here it is today :)
this shirt gave me my mother some days ago, because i have mentioned that she never brings me something and then ta ta-best :D
i styled it really simple with my allways-perfect-for-every-situation-black-highwaist-jeans, and a cozy blazer in salmon! perfekt for a day with cloudy weather as we had back then...
there are quite a lot colors going on within the outfit and the location but i really like that juicy green in the back...


OOTD-sailors daughter

Everything H&M just the Jeansjacket is from only
another stripe inspired look today with the blue version-totally went into the sailors direction :)
with these plain white pants and jeansjacket for the classic touch!
as i got ready to shoot the look it began to rain... i had to choose a location where i was save from it- and nooow i am really excited how the light tourned out :)
almost friday peeople-

♥ Milena