OOTD- Monaco-Monte Carlo

Last week I was in Nice - France with my classmates it was a beautiful week abroad I got to see so many unique places and got to enjoy the great warm weather I show you some pictures I made over there.
Today I will start with my look I wore in Monaco - it was a HOT sunday so I went for the long airy  flower dress, because I wanted to create a more polished outfit with that sleek low bun and simple sandals.

<3 Milena



these pictures are from another stroll through the city, I opted for the more sporty chic with another all white combination, it was simply the try to go for basics - as the running shorts, plain white tee and my jeans bomber to bring in the street vibe.
As there is the hype about Birkenstocks... first I was really skeptic about it and didn't like it at all- but as time went by I had the feeling these slippers can make u feel so effortless and bring a whole new element to your looks! -I tried these ones cause they are all black but I def. want to buy original ones with the brown sole :)

<3 Milena



- the outfit was inspired from the new parisian vibe- since I am going to France in a few weeks!
holidays here are almost over and my last year in school starts- thats the reason for our last trip with my class to the awesome coté d'azur.
Fabi tried to catch the more the classic parisian style- I think it is super interesting how u can create different feelings and imaginations while there are the same conditions.

One night I was walking around town looking for a bar in the city and had no idea where to find (in the end I searched 25 minutes and was totally upset) BUT I came across this amazing ivy-house and was 100% sure that I come back for outfit pictures!! 

<3 Milena





this was the theme from the party fabi and i attended yesterday, it was so much fun and def. an awesome night!
Back to the shooting, some days ago i cruised around my hood and found this pretty damn kind of english location and it was perfect combination of the red brick wall with the black color
so fabi and i came up with the idea to combinate the motto of the party and our shooting- and it worked out perfectly!
i transformed the location to a kind of american school yard in a more relaxed way and fabi rocked the thing with an elegant gala evening attitude!

xoxo Milena



shot in the darkness!
sitting there to feel the awareness-
hint to get the street passed and feel loved how you dress...

<3 Milena

(these days i am very busy- and i just want to share with you nicely prepared pictures- so in fact they need time to get done-i hope you understand and its a pleasure if you come and watch out for my  rare posts :)- for me its still a platform to feel free in my actions and creativity and a way to show it to you!)


what doesn't kill us makes us stronger

this is  a shoot which was not planned like this and it has a deep connection to feelings and emotions!
the only motto which kept us going on this day was- what doesn't kill us makes us stronger-
life is beautiful keep that in mind everyday!
first i was not sure if it would be the right decision to post these pictures but- i think its a statement to say yes we have gone through it and made it- its a piece of us!
there will be a special thanks to fabi who is always here and she did those magical pictures! <3

- we were not lucky... we were blessed!!!