OOTD- feel the lightness

stressed as always... but tried to feel easy with a kind of boho look! :)
almost friday! (Y) 
♥ Milena


OOTD-going anywhere

hellooo i am soooo SORRY for not updating like 3 days! :// 
well yes i had holidays, but there is my international dance competition at the following weekend, i had training every single day, and on sunday we celebrated my momys birthday, so i hope you understand my big time rush, and maybe you know i am not the biggest time manager and i am always 10 too late...
here just a short update, so you know i am still alive :p
i changed my outfit today so there are two styles!
♥ Milena

outfit, which i wore for going to training and walk through the city...

 outfit i choose for shopping food and stuff...



helloo :DD
as always the weekend stress begins.
so here just a short update from my side i try to post as often as possible and do everywhere pictures!

♥ Milena Enjooooy!!!!!



OOTD- summer-rain

here in town we have now the craziest weather ever...
once there is the sun with 27 degrees and one our later we have got rain and wind,
so my outfit which i choose was not the perfect one beacause i didn't know that was going to rain! ;D
almost friiiday! yaaay

xoxo ♥ Milena


New In may

these is stuff i got new, and i really LOVE those shorts which are absolutely incredible!

♥ lot of Love for you! Milena

last picture H&M
rest Ann Christine



helloo :)
short post-from my side
i wore an simple outfit, for  school day and spontanly shopping trip :D
i show you my new clothes tomorrow!
♥ Milena



some pictures from the funny dance event i attended a week ago!

xoxo Milena



Hip Hop