my update from cologne- it was super easy breezy windy and cool! thats why i looked like i am on a tour to the north-pool haha
i am back home again- it was so nice the biggest thanks to my daddy - he made everything possible- to experience this awesome weekend with joy and love and happiness!
my look was based on onions because of the different levels i wore i tried something simple but still super wearable, the beanie is a new item to my closet as it was so cold i had to protect my self. its second kind of neon colored thing i own (another beanie) but it gave me the perfect amount of pop to this whole look- thats why i love it-

<3 Milena

Jacket/West H&M
Grey Dress-F21
shirt-hoodie-bag- H&M



here a spring outfit super simple while i am off- as you know if you follow my new Facebookpage i am off to Köln (after 8 hours and a bit, many fast drivers and 900km later- arrived tired now time to sleep tomorrow lot of things planned! )- for this weekend- keep on checking tomorrow i am going to tell you the reason :p

<3 Milena

OOTD- white base

this happened somewhere in the middle of january i think, we visited our relatives in Slovenia- it was a super nice and beautiful day with lot of sunshine but still super cold!

pairing was down to the all white base and then just added the eye catching items :)
i still love this gold -belt as much as the first time i saw it!
the black fake-fur is new to my closet super duper useful and almost (just almost) worn everyday!

this weekend i am off - soon you will find out where and why :D
keep on checking my other social networks!
- as i am releasing today my own Facebook site- like

<3 Milena

almost everything from H&M


Think Back

soooo this was almost longest time without posting anything-
so this last month went by so quickly i was so busy and really had to concentrate on schoolstuff- since today i am official- national certified instructor for -FITSPORT
this was my fist BIG exam and i don't know how -but in the end i managed everything!

from now on i'm trying to post more often- of course i have some things from the last weeks to share with you :)

hope you keep on following my steps and uploads!!

<3 Milena