simple- started with my hairdo i never had done before so there had to be a new combination and so i thought a litlle out of box tourned around secured pinned here and there and ready was the classiest look ever- but with this little thiny secret in the back! :))
and had the chance to use my DIY-statement-bracelett for the first time -aw excited- :p
i hope you like it! ((:

♥ Milena


OOTD-layering bur-berry

simple the theme of the weekend... BERRRYS
YES i loooove everthing about it the color the taste everything! (:

here is a soooong everybody should know... because its juust so real and funny!
i love it! have to listen, she is a girl from the x-factor audition!
Lucy Spraggan - Last Night it starts at 1:18 if you want to skip the talking :p

see ya- nice weekend guys! :)

♥  Milena

Shirt, Bag: Zara; Dress-Shades: H&M; Shoes: Esprit; Necklace: Primark


OOTD-berry details

these are just a few detail-snapshots from my outfit i wore some days ago,before i got sick!
hope you like it- a fully outfit of the day will be up soon! :))

follow me on Instagram for more live-pictures and daily updates - @millenium_store

whish you all a niceeee weekend!!! hope you enjoy :*

♥ Milena



addict to galaxy

i LOVE everything about it!
if i had the chance to buy more, i definately would :) the other thing is here in my city there are no galaxy-prints arrived now! -.-
by the way i am not fully okay, i am a little bit sick and just having a date with my bed *-*

<3 Milena


OOTD-something about the whiteness

someday you have to keep it simple-a white button-up tee the perfect choice!
now we have got these autumndays which are sooo cold in the morning and really warm and sunny during the day... the bad thing you have to wear jackets, the goood thing, you can wear sunglassen ;))

♥ Milena


OOTD-What you get is waht you see

life is sooo goood!! ;DD
was the hole day in shool! with my girls- had a lot of fun, my friend lisa turned one year older! ♥
and i loove my new cardigan! *__* saw it- wanted it- bought it! simple what??
now i am off for daance class!

♥ Milena


OOTD-Aztec trip

this is the simplest sunday outfit ever! :))
i love this leggin and its just so comfortable in any way you look at it!
my hair is done by my best friend mimi ♥ and she did it yesterday for going out- but i loved it so much because its not going in-braided its going-out braided, so i kept it for today!

this week is going to bee sooo long-but lets start with a classics monday! :)

♥ Milena


On tour

party with the girls and my neeeeew red dreeess *_*

♥ Milena


OOTD-animal instinct

i haven't had one piece with animal print-for ages! :)
but now i have three pieces, and i really like to combine them, it worked so well!
even if it is not the same color... hope you like it, its a really comfi and simple look with just a matchy print^^

♥ Milena

Shirt: Urban Outfitters; Pants-sunnys-bag: H&M; Shoes: Esprit


i want

theeeeese things are just to die for! *____*
no more to say! :DD
its almost fridaaaaaay.

♥ Milena


cut-out-dress- Love




OOTD- help me- i am jeansed

xoxox. school-day tired-day rainy-day...
hope you are enjoying me not :)
but anyway everything have to go on

♥ Milena

Pants: Esprit; Scarf: Bershka; Necklace: F2; Shirts: H&M


OOTD- Autumn flowers garden

- i bought this flower-pants months ago- but seriosly never had time to wear it! now i have found it in the back of my closet and thought it would be perfect to pair a simple look with it :))
that hat is my life-safer, he is always here when i need him at a bad-hair day!!
i really enjoy these last hours of this beautiful weather outside in the garden- because tomorrow its gettin cold here -.- so breath in deeply all of this warm sunshine and just enjoy (;

♥ Milena