ay ay ay...
back from the beautiful italy! :)
so much sun and sand and life and happyness and love!
had an amazing time with my friend-mimi i will show you soon some pictures we did- we just have few ones because the time passed by so fast so we didn't take so many pictures :)

back home it is juust COLD and RAINY :(
i think i should go back to italy and enjoy my element- the water- and be happy in the warm summer- i dont like autumn for some reason... hope it will pass by fast!!
this outfit is just inspired from the red-hype we got in fashion in fall- and brown is always timeless and edgy i think!
hope you like- you can follow me via bloglovin (one of the best things the internet has to give- a must have for blog-readers) and of course Instagram :)

♥ Milena

Headphones-Urban Ears; Outfit-H&M; Furniture: Ikea

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