spring in denim

ahhh finally the spring has arrived i havn't needed a jacket and everything :p
i went to school just like i show you the outfit... and i love it, sunglasses on and hey ya (((:
i am not a fan of denim... especially jeans i am not addicted too, but with the all denim or mix diffrent denims i tried it and really like it , probably because there is the denim up coming look in spring now and it really looks so casual and stylisch yees (Y)
have a nice day :DD

♥ Milena

Jacket: Only; Necklace: F21; rest: H&M



Please do not waiste your time with hating. . . Everything is fading like those flowers^^


this is just a short post i dont have to say a lot....
because i have got a really quite and sad day, we had the funeral of my grandma's partner!
i do not like to dress completly black in spring but you have to do it for his glory!
i will post a picture of the beautiful flowers which he got as a last present...

rest in peace

♥ Milena


Pink Lady

honeys today was  school start in the second semester :p
i was motivated, and this not because of the weather... it is just beautiful right now!
 i have to study for 2 tests this week, biology and geography not that hard but still time i have to spent on -.- so i leave you with my todays outfit and hope you like it, leave a comment, thanks :)

♥ Milena

Bag: Zara (new); Rest: H&M (11/12)


new stuff-february

i am addicted probably :p
soo here are most of the stuff i got on saturday and small things before...
the Bag is from Zara and my Favourite (Y)
and the nailpolish brand you could read from the bottle :p
and all of the other stuff is from H&M

♥ Milena



honeys :DD
today it was just amazing, such a beautiful day warm, bearly hot in the sun :p
and i went shopping with a good friend and bought a lot  :o
soo i will share you the pics probably tomorrow....
my outfit is inspired by the springrock festival, be live and just enjoy roock^^
simply but fresh for this cool day!
now i am off to a friends birthday party :)

♥ Milena

Jacket: Madonna (old); Ring: F21; Scarf: no name; Rest: H&M;

thanks honey ♥


don't stop colors

today i am back at home finally from my travel holidays from country to city and back :)
i am really happy because here it is sooo warm you actually can take the spring jackets and put the winter coat in the backrow of your wardrobe :p
thats why i decided to wear some nice colour mixes and just do simple accesoires as the hat and the discreet necklace... hope you like it :D
and the name from the post does come from one of my favorites songs/ and band its
Foster The People- Don't Stop (Color on the walls)
♥ Milena


carneval-on spot

this are the pictures i promised you to show you as soon as i get them so here they are :)

Someday I'll laugh about it
All that preciousness we had it
Couldn't it last like that? I doubt it
But c'mon girl, let's laugh about it
N.E.R.D-laugh about it