honeys ;)
today was a really chilly and confi start in the week... how was yours?
i did not do much stuff, i met my cousin for a coffee and we had a funny and good  chat about god and the world and fashion and make up you know how girls are talking all the time :p
i haven't seen her for 2 month thats a long time or maybe not long, but also not short ;D
here i show you the simple outfit i choose and there are just lot of colours working togheter what do you think?
there is a little problem i got... i LOVE wearing spring and summer colours BUT here it is still cold and we just got new snow at the weekend... there is a little gap where i have to find a solution^^

♥ Milena

pants: zara; rest H&M; nailpolish: Sally Hansen (460 snappy sorbet)

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