Birthday Gyal

Another year in my backpack, imma grown up - at least kind of ;)
this new year in my life will hopefully bring  lot of new experiences and some hard decisions are going to be done but I am really excited what I will receive!

xoxo Milena



There is one love with that fake fur I got in the super sale  spontaneous after a coffee!
I immediately knew how to style my first look with it, the theme for that look was definitely different fabrics - I wore the fake fur, a velvet crop top, woolen cape and cotton leggings not to forget my all time fav. a HAT- aaand I have so much visions in my mind how to incorporate it into other outfits!

The pictures where shot a few days later when I went for another coffee and girls talk with my one and only fashionista fabi! you should already know her right!? :)

I came up with this location in my head, as we headed over there it was quite hard to shoot, the lighting was difficult to handle and in the end we where not sure if the pictures would look good on the big screen!
BUT there you are - finding the results in this post! and I actually love them how they have turned out they are looking quite magically somehow...

this was just a quick update from my side! - I  have so many shooting concepts in my mind and outfits to shoot with but time lack is the biggest problem over here...

<3 Milena