soo here i am, with colours again, because we got the sun back (Y) :DD
i am so happy, thats awsome blue sky with sun! i am not so excited about the freezy air but okay its november...
i am so stressed, i dont know where my head stands, but sure not there where it used to be :p

♥ Milena
hope u like it, if you rember my last post was about my nail-polish called 'lacy lilac' and this amazing colour i have found in the scarf today, so that was so perfect! :p



heey sweetys ;D
how are you? oh damn its 5pm and dark outside and i can see the moon, whats up i dont like that...

 today i will show you my nail-polish colour which i bought months ago but i never had the feeling of put up this colour :p so yesterday i decided to use it for the first time, and noticed  that i have a piece in the correctly same kind of colour in my wardrobe, so i was twice happy because it turned out so nicely and i had found a piece to wear it with! no more talking i have to learn for a test -.-
♥ Milena



heeey jeeey we got sun in town yesterday and today!!!
i am soo happy :p
hope you maybe get a feeling of this awsome sun light!
♥ Milena


party pictures

;DD sweetys oh what a night...
i am so tired today!
but it was, how should i say, intressting xDDDDD
♥ Milena



sweeety just a pictures from my party outfit i have to goo :DD
♥  Milena


hazy misty

heello :DD
i can tell you,  here in Graz its so terrible dark and misty and hazy oh woow. but we have this weather for more than a week, but i thought that would be already 2 months -.-
everyday  i feel, that  i dont want to wear a nice colour or something so i am taking all my cloths in grey especially, or at least something black!
but this is just a phase and i think it is not bad ;)
hope u like it its really easy and i have read a nice blog about how to do my hair, so i tried something new ... :p
♥ Milena


free hugs

kind of crazy but soo funny to go in school with an t-shirt which says 'free hugs for everyone' on it... haha. people just come and hug you ;DD
i just made small pictures because this is just half of the outfit i wore but i just wanted to show you this t-shirt!! :P the hole look was really confi and special relaxed for a test^^ 
hope u are not annoyed because i didn't post yesterday!!
♥ Milena - tell everybody from my blog if you like it!


Rock'n Roll

hey guuys :))
whats up? its half time wednesday! (Y)
i think its really stressful right now and it wont stop until christmas i think... thats kind of scary! :p
but okay we have to live with it so there will be no other  change than make the best you can :)
tomorrow i dont know if i can do a look of the day but i will try my best! i have school and after school i go to training and then i have to learn for a test on thursday...
but today i had the change to make pictures of my outfit and i think its one of the coolest ones i ever posted not in the meaning of the best or the one i most liked but the coolest :pp

so no more words just a short loove and the christmas time begins!
♥ Milena



honeeys ;D
today i have made pictures for you! i hope u like them and i really hope you can apologize me that i haven't posted that much in the last time!!!!
i think ist a really casual but soo awsome look with this gilet! i have borrowed it from my mum :DD  she didn't know taht hahah! but i am so in love with it :))

♥ Milena

Shirt: no name in usa; West, Pant: H&M; Gilet: Zara (au/w 10)


grey town

honeeys, its FRIDAY ;))
so weekend, paarty, relaxing what ever just freetime :p
my post is called grey town because here in Graz, there isn't that much sun every thing is misty and my outfit is also with grey so i thought that would be funny :)
i have to get ready because i will go to a birthday party but its a suprise for my friend ;))

here the pictures, enjoy it and i think is a new side of my stile, how do you like it?
♥ Milena

Pant,Shirt: H&M; Pullover: Promod; Scarf: noname