short fresh spring post :)
i am sitting outside and let the sun shine on my tummy... that could be everyday (Y) ((:
today is my birthday and i got amazing things!
i hope the problem is solved, i can post as often for you!
♥ Milena



Sorry there are some big troubles....
i can not post right now!!! :/
i try to fix the problem as soon as possible^^
hope you stay tuned :)
i am really pissed  of the problem.
♥ Milena

here a nice summer song for the meanwhile --> Olly Murs - Heart Skips a Beat ft. Rizzle Kicks


happy out there

life is great thats all i need to say :D birthday is coming closer and closer *yaay* :p
and the weather is nice, could be warmer but i dont want to complain....

this is a complet different look than yesterday with gold and chic, just simple, rock, spring, enjoy, life, green, blue, jeans, leather, petrol...
nothing to say anymore i hope you like the pictures i really enjoyed the shoot outside in the garden and my brother is soo cute *aaw*

Röyksopp- Happy up Here

♥ Milena

my darling :D ♥


gold power

gold power in spring with flower :) that was just in my mind....
this was as usual my simple monday outfit, because of serviece i had to do in school!
i was at the shop and wanted this knit sooo bad because it is special to me and reminds me of fish scales and thats a awsome thing i think, but i was not sure if i really could buy it so i waited 2 days and was again shopping totaly spontaneous and then i finally bought it!
i have to say, follow your feeling buy what you always wanted because there will be one day you think damn why havent i bought this piece^^ :D

♥ Milena



hellloo :DD
today was a nice day with relatives and friends of my parents i got some birthday presents :)

in this look i just wanted to show you  a sporty happy look and an easy way to  wear x-large shirts  comfortable with mini-skirt... thats all d:
blue with mint is a nice and fresh kombination i hope you like it and i try to show you my hapiness of life^^

♥ Milena

Shirt: Nike; Skirt: H&M


stripes and lace

today was a really nice and chilly day i havent done neccesary things :)
so just prepared some stuff for the evening because we invited our relatives to celebrating the march-birthday people... it was a nice time and tomorrow we are going to cook for our other relatives and friends!
i saw this stripe shirt in my mothers closet and it has had the tag still on it so i was like oh well probably i could borrow it she had bought it months ago and nobody had woren it, she was so kind and said yes :)  i decided to do a simple jeans look and just for looking not too clean and striped i took this lace gilet which is also from my mum (thanks that i can use your stuff)

♥ Milena


flower movement

 hellooo honeys :D whats up?
this weekend i am goning to have family-events all day long so no time for other activities...
i think colours are the most important thing in fashion in spring, fist of all you can explain your feelings, it is loocking good outside with the flowers and leafs and it looks always so fresh :DD
haha. hope you like it, happy weekend people enjooy what you get!

♥ Milena



this is a natrual post i really like the rustic style from the wooden necklace,
i tried my new nail-polish kind of mint-green and as you already know i am obsessed with mint i could buy anything! BUT  i havent found the perfect piece i want, rigth now... -.-
:D hope you had a great week tomorrow starts the weekend (Y)

♥ Milena