3 out of one

i told you (looong time ago...) to show and create three looks with this impeccable sequin bomber jacket- finally I posted all of them and you had the opportunity to decide...
once here all of them and tell me which look you liked the most? :)
(you want to see more of these - different ways to wear one piece?)

late 25th look more is more- bomber-glitter shirt- velvet leggings

HNY- sparkling please my shine bright like a diamond look: bomber, silver/gold dress, heels, black statement necklace

holidays-party my most casual version: black jeans, bomber, crop top, big silver statement necklace

<3 Milena


OOTD-late 25th

hellloo I am back!
I did go trough a rough time the last 3 weeks as i had to manage the middle january kind of 'school-year is coming to an end' stress every teacher has in my school... so first things first school did use all of my time and energy!
the result was/is ... since 2 weeks i am sick! first I had still to go to school because of exams which didn't help out to get well soon - so this week including last weekend I am constantly in my bed and just sleeping and chilling around! had a hard time, during the night i couldn't sleep because of the pain so i needed lot of medicine and so on but right now i feel so much better and hope to be fit till weekend :)

outfit details... this is my very last holidays look with this sequined bomber!
this look was for the 25th of december santa's party at my aunt and uncles house-
theme: more is more
the jacket is a show piece + i threw on my all over glitter shirt and non plus ultra completing the look with my velvet black leggings!!

<3 Milena
p.s we have snooow here- so i thought these pictures would fit the feeling! :)



I found sooome time to capture this beautiful light- for the perfect location i visited one of my favorite places they have so much magic around, i really could spend hours over hours there...
this is another allblack outfit its just about the simplicity and the pattern of the hoodie, the accessories do the rest- they add some strength and power to it!
this jewelry is super vintage and precious from my grandfathers mother! i got them for christmas and was so happy that they go together so well with my style aesthetic :)

p.s tomorrow starts school again so i am prepared stressed weeks are coming- means that you wont hear a lot from me :(

<3 Milena


OOTD-red xmas

neeew dress simple with leather detail bought in super duper sale! :)
it was the perfect color for the holiday season-  a playful christmas eve!
combined with silver and black to polish the look a bit.
think of mixing together with some skirts so i have just the top part of the dress or pulling over a nice sweatshirt... i am excited to try different things!

<3 Milena


HAPPY NEW YEAR-sparkling please

i wish you all the best for 2014- i had a great start into the new year!
this is the outfit I choose- more is more - sparkling please :)
my thought ...when should i go for it... the right time is NYE
the dress is in between gold and silver so its up to you how you style it or in my way go for both colors because my bomber jacket also offers sequins in all metallic tones. (btw its from asos)

we tried to capture the kind of party feeling- hope you like the editing - i definitely had so much fun shooting these pictures! 

<3 Milena