grey in fall

hello, yeees friday niight ;))
awsome! so today i had training with my duo-partner, and it was sooo funny and successful!
i will show you the combination grey-lila which is really fall like but even with an cute color... it was so funny to do the pictures so i made some strainge things :p
tomorrow i have training again maybe i will post in the morning but i think its gonna be the same time as today :)
♥ Milena, enjoy your weekend!

Blouse: Pimki; Shirt-top: H&M; Skirt: Forever 21; Shoes: Keds; Neklace, Bracelet: Hand made- at a market


enjoy the fall actinism

sweeetys! ;))
ohh well i have to say today i am really chilled and in a good mood :D
hope u also! i enjoyed the last fall actinsim by sitting on the terrasse and eat the meal i have cooked for my family...
and then i did the photos, hope u like it, i get the blazer yesterday and i am really in looove with it! :o awsome!
i think its an beautiful fall because its warm... on the weekend we probably get 28 C° pretty amazing!? like it ;)
♥ Milena

Outfit: H&M


fall favs.

heeey sweeetys, omg today i am soooo tired i cant belive it!
first i went swimming with my school class and then i had training...
tomorrow its my copletely chill out day i will do noooothing :)))
jeeey today i will show you some of my favs from the fall!
♥ Milena

H&M- Blazer-dress-shoes






fir-tree green

ohh, yes today i was shopping ;DD
first i met a good friend in the city and we did a lot of chat... and then i went shopping, i really enjoyed it, because i missed it already x)
then in the afternoon i had a showdance training where i had lot of fun, cause of the girls and the dance we did!
hope your day was great too?
today i show you my new fall-look, hope u like it!
♥ Milena
Shirt, Trousers: Zara (au/w 11); Necklace: Veromoda; Bracelets: H&M; Shoes: old- from holidays



sooo, today we  survived the monday!
i hope u also, mine wasn't that bad :)
but it  makes really tired to go to shool all day...
i am not in love with fall, but yeah you can't change it so you have to accept it...
i dont like if its damn cold in the morning and at midday you have to carry a jecket and pullover and you can walk around with shirts ahhh. -.- terrible!

my look of the day is again inspired by my nailpolish i am in loove with it! xDD

♥ Milena

Shirt: AE; Trouser: H&M; Bag: New Yorker;



soo guys :))
how was your day, sunday chilling ?
i had again training, oh yes its stressful but not every year is the world championship in my city :D

i told you to make pictures from my outfits in rovinj but i have to dissapoint you, there i had sooo less of time i just made pictures from one outfit and these i will show you today!

♥ Milena



baack agin- blue me away

sweeeetys :)
yees i am baack in town!!
so i hope you had a great week, mine was sooo good it felt like holidays awsome <3
i have to apologize, because my post comes as recently as now, but yesterday i was so tired and today it was so stressful, i had training with my girls and we danced on a event... so now i have time to write you and i will show you lot of pictures, my session was a good one and i though you were waiting so loong i've done it just for you ;))
if you think i did a mistake in my titel thats not true xD its the name of my nailpolish color and i loooove it, and i thought this is a funny thing to tell you!
♥ Milena

Leggin-3/4 shirt,Bag: H&M; Shirt-white: Esprit

Nailpolish: Sally Hansen-blue me away