OOTD-never get rid of Black and White

this is a otufit i wore yeeeears ago hahah...
no not years but quite a long time -just for going to work and so on- nothing special but i am really in love with this new dress! :D (got in sales from my shopping trip in vienna)
black and white never fails- and neon stars... just make the thing!
hope you liked my photo series i started there will be one more post in the next upcoming days! stay tuned...
really thank you to all my lovley readers- even if i am a 'bad' blogger at the moment because of my time management -but you keep on reading and visiting so big THANK'S :p

♥ Milena


dreams high-dreams fly

its been quite here latley right!? - sorry i havent posted for  11! days.... what the heck did i do^^
but well i have to admit i am almost all the time at the work or sleeping at home because i am so tired from my work, so i am really not into shooting anything or even just to get dressed many times i have to leave at 4:45 AM so there its no time to get a fully outfit and its still cold outside and then when i get home its hot as hell... many problems and troubles haha!
but now enough moaning, i really try to updat more regulary but i really cant promise anything^^ depends on how my weeks are planned and everthing.

but i am back with a new photo series-shooted with my bestfriend! <3 (thank you- the only one who  can put all my Vision and dreams  into Pictures and she is the one who do every single  idea because she understands the sense-no one else would spend that much time for it!)

<3 Milena


OOTD-day off

SRY for my lack of posts but since i have been off to rihanna concert then everything took it's way so i did celebrate the birthday from one of my best girlys (fabi-happy birthday again- great party hu :p)
and some freetime here and there, but i have to say when my day is planned and i have a regularly process i really find it easier to post daily or at least as often as possible- but when i have weekend or my vacation days i am so lost in this timeless day so i totally forget about posting or pictures and this stuff :p

♥ Milena

pictures shot from fabi-at this awsome coffeshop where we had breakfast- but gosh this was a location... definately could spend there the whole day just shooting and finding new exciting details :)


OOTD-my soul is free

 today i am leaving for vienna, to went to a really special concert- may many of you already know which one i mean but i will tell you more about that tomorrow or probably later via instagram if you are following me, if not my name  is millenium_store! (you can click on that picture on the sideboard) 
i am going there with one of my best friends- by train really nice because i like to drive with/on rails :) we spend one night there and on wednesday is a little sale shopping trip on our shedule for the day! probably find some unbeatable prices and offers...

in the morning i just threw on this simple outfit  when i was in a rush to get to work-

♥ Milena


OOTD-a summer night dream

this dress was a super cute gift from my mum- its already little bit older but i think the pattern and everything is so right now...
i styled it for a nice during the daytime family event but then grabbed my heels to make it look a little bit more polished :)
sorry i am so busy at work that i rarely find time to blog- and i already have such a bad feeling when i think that i -again- haven't prepared any post for you!
enjoy the pictures- i am so in looove with this location just that awsome light i snapped at some pics def. coming more from this place- i already have been there when i shot this look: OOTD- my premiere

♥ Milena


new in

these little things are the result from my first sale-really love every single piece! (:
and it was around 11€ for 6 pieces...