OOTD-pinkie stripes again

there is the hairdo close up somehow or something like that dunno xD
really also fell in love with the pinkie stripes!
almost weekend! :) tomorrow I have my last big test so whish me the best hahah
i am really into spikes-thats what i wanted to let you notice :p
ups almost forgot you to say that my bestfriend did me this amazing braided hair-i love it and her ♥

♥ Milena



middle of the week, weather getting warmer snow melts, and sun is out :) this is how i like it!
of course there could be much more-summer-feeling but i take what i can get.
really have to do so much this afternoon, doing some calls and stuff like that!
i gave the hairstyle from yesterday a new touch with this headpiece i really should use more often it makes such a cute glitterly shine in your hair :p

♥ Milena


OOTD-sharing is caring

my appartment always turns into a girlscamp as soon as my best friend mimi or some of the others are here :D
half of closet spread out on the bed, looking for THE perfect look, also yesterday it was time to find a look for mimi because today she had a special meeting- it ended up so good-definatley will recreate it to show it to you one time-
so as usual she wore a few of my pieces, and so i have maybe some new things we just changed and she borrowed me her absolute all time fav. pink striped balzer, and her golden spike necklace two really pieces who made my look today-and to even pop out more I choose this bag i rarley used!

in the middle of the night-short before going to bed she started to think what about to do with my hair but more on that and a detail post-later this week!

♥ Milena


OOTD-night of time

hello sweetys, as you may have noticed on the weekend I dont have that much time to post so my daily posts start at monday again :)
with this outfit i wanted to go back to the 90ts with this jeansshirt I got in sale of course with this amazing kind of flower pattern on it, my new high waisted black jeans who really was one the best input I made for a long time- these go with almost EVERYTHING- and make a look more special in some way than just a normal black pants, and of course not to forget my big silver hoops in my ears- havent woren them for such a long time, back in middleschool I was addicted to them xD

♥ Milena

new hair

just two snapshots so you can see nothing really changed expect the lenght :'( always the same problem to much cutted of!
anyway now healthy again and i hope it grows now faster than you can say new-haircut? ;D

<3 Milena


OOTD-tiger is out

xoxo fridaaaaaay!
did a lot of talking and explaining in school today-tired of it always had to say the same thing :p
but anyway now we can start into the weekend!

♥ Milena


OOTD-lovley spikes

this is my new jumper with spiky spikes :D
i love it-sale you know!
hahah now i get ready because i go out tonight... :p excited-
simple schoolday and we did a meeting in school and some preparing for tomorrow,
because my school is having an open day, everybody can come and have a look at everything so they can decide if the maybe want to go in my school! ((:

♥ Milena


OOTD-daily gold sequins

this gold sequin blouse is another piece i got in sale :)
i wanted to do something more elegant and different with my hair-i hope you like it!
i just styled it with earrings and rings and no necklace so it didn't get overwhoomed.
math quiz went badly -.- but anyway here and there many things to do ((((:

♥ Milena


OODT-meet'n'greet with mr. winter

xoxo short update-have literally no time to write somehting sry!
this is a new baby from my sale-catches in love so coool :)
tomorrow math quiz-i hope everybody knows how hard it is hahaha

♥ Milena


OOTD-Bold day

sorry haven't postet for a while now, feel bad about it- but it just didn't fit in my shedule i had to work after...
but here is my monday outfit for you-i choose bold because i felt bold simple what xD
haha this skirt is new and welcomed to my closet gonna show you a shopping haul soon! got some real nice sale pieces- my fav time if i can buy something in sale!

♥ Milena fresh start in your week



studds-gold-black-jeans all what you need to feel good + my one and only beloved hat! :)
it is cold as hell, i freeeze 2 seconds after stepping out of door but anyways i wanted to wear tights doesn't matter what temperature we have :p
friday start into a good weekend- today attending another prom, love getting dressed up!
got a new dress in sale did a cut here sewing there and ready to wear...

♥ Milena