OOTD-my heart still belongs to NYC

i am back with a neeew big blogpoost!
sorry i really missed out posting the last week! :(
but now i have my driver license and i am fully back with some dope new stuff! :p

<3 Milena

Shirt, Leggins, Bag: H&M
Shoes: F21
Jewelry: Claires



this is a little spontaneous shoot i did with my girly -fabi <3
we just chilled at home before going out and experimented a little bit with different ways of looks and outfits and just thought this could be like the one to make pictures with ...
tataaa these are the results- she totally made this whole combination work-rocked it!

<3 Milena


OOTD-Venice Lady M

my bestfriend is the best on earth (just everybody had to know)
she gave me this beautiful mask as a little gift from her trip to venice!
 of course we immediately thought of doing some nice pictures :)
this is the result!!! tell me your opinion :)

<3 Milena


Riri on dots-details

yesterday i posted the fully outfit- but here are some closer pictures from this day...
there was this special fall light and i really wanted to catch and create an interesting and kind of mystery mood with these pictures...
it was the perfect mix from shadow and sunlight and colors in a very intense way :)
hope you like that and also have checked out yesterdays full outfit! (with all the details, where everything is from)

<3 Milena


OOTD-Riri on dots

this awesome awesome awesome riri shirt is from italy... i have always wanted one for ages right now first i thought of getting one of the life is a joke ones, but than never found THE right print or cut so i didn't buy it online- now i am so happy i did not because literally everybody runs around in this shirt so awful it really got sooo mainstream!
so i went to italy with my girls and ta ta taaa- there was one and even pimpt by randomly added red dots- how cool can it be!? huh
so my mood was so good as i found it and even better now at home where everybody have the same shirt and mine one is so different a lot cooler and nobody got it :D

<3 Milena
-the latest news from london are coming when i am at home this is a prepared post i did for you!

Sunnies, Pants,: H&M
Shirt: Italy
Necklace: Primark
Bracelet: Claires
Bag: Tagwerk
Shoes: Vans


OOTD-other business

this is a outfit i wore the day before leaving to london- i had a meeting with my team in the location where our prom is going to take place... we walked around did plan a bit and just have look what we rent for that night, how many people are we expecting and how many fit in this hall, we need lot of seats and tables - how many people can each person bring to this ball... and so on, many many other questions and things to organize!
for this occasion i choose a very straight look with kind of blouse and blazer!
but i did -of course- not pick out: like a white blouse and black  blazer more the kind of bold business look with this salmon color in the blazer and to add some edge this absolutely amazing blouse with sequined arms and collar- to make it simple just take a black pant and again to make the outfit a little bit more interesting go for some print -> in my look it was the more kind of sporty version of the leopard^^ and to finish the look take a sleek and big bag and some leather jacket who always make the little something to every outfit!

<3 Milena

Blouse: Ann Christine
Blazer: Bershka
Leather jacket & Pants: H&M
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Vans



just some simple snapshots while i did my packing for london and my travel bag and so on :)
tomorrow there is going to be an outfit post so make sure to come back!

<3 Milena



here is the second post i told you to do!
you can find the first one some days ago on my blog :)
in this pictures everything is just about that amazing door in the background-
i wished somehow my outfit would haven been weather a little bit more simple and not over thought for this door or just a little bit more colorful to match kind of the door...
but once you are there you are not going home to change clothes no ha. :p but probably if i would have had more time^^(just think haha)
but overall i really like the lightning and how they turned out in the end

soon i am heading to the airport and then i am off to LONDON-baby
       7days of street style, more options to dress different than everywhere else, have some nice tourist                     attractions, and hopefully i find the one or other secret place to shoot or find a flea market (anybody know some great ones on the weekend in the area of london?)
some shopping (hope to get everything back without paying to much for overload hahaha)
of course have an eye open for special things and just enjoy the whole flair, from the big city lifestyle or just the multiethnic cultures london have got...

<3 Milena


in the middle of packing and doing and working I totally have overslept the time....
it goes by so quickly and as I looked up it was after 0:00!
so the next post is coming in a few hours when i am awake again- its going to be the second series of the oodt i called 'festival'! (with the awesome door in the background)
at the moment i am preparing some posts for you in between the time i am not here! :)

<3 Milena

over and out have do get in bed at some point....


OOTD-contrast makes the difference

this is the last outfit i have left from this summer...
i got the vans new at some point and just literally had to wear them impromptu- so the summer dress had to fit with the style of the leo vans- i think i managed to get a simple grunge undone look and kind of underground feeling- nothing more to say on that! 
in two days i am off to london guuuys isn't it amaaaazing? :) (so excited gotta start to back at some point)

<3 Milena

sunnies: H&M
dress: C&A
Shoes: Vans

my life

here are just some random picked pictures i had somewhere cruising through my phone-
some food daily outfits just to catch em up for friends or some shots after partys... :D
as i already said just something random you would find while browsing my phone!

<3 Milena

(actually had the perfect outfit for the first school day- but sadly i am really not happy how the pictures tourned out and i had some struggles with my camera so i am going to have another shoot for this outfit hope to make it asap!)

fresh flowers and vegetables from my grandfathers garden

after a nice hip hop party evening :)

getting my mac book, and finally some breakfast because i had to be in store around 6... the night before i celebrated my friend lisas birthday- can imagine how awake i felt :p

my look for lisa's party! skater skirt- galaxy shirt- some dope kurt geiger heels- golden belt

the day before my driving licence test (did every question at least 4 times- lot of work :p)

some kind of healthy meal or brunch something in between!

another party look- neoprene dress from h&m simple leather jacket and my new fav pink heels

after a looong day in the city with  lot of running errands for getting everything i needed!

fresh flowers chocolate and in style from my cutest mommy (my name day :p)

our new family member: welcome SINA <3

my motto for working (picture taken around 5:15 at work)

shopping trip with my family- i was driving around 400 km that day :p

hippie birthday party- make love not war!!!  with my mommy-styled very dressy

Vienna - awesome breakfast- kind of bar think