i decided on thursday to make a spontaneous trip to my grandfather and his nice kind of farm thing in the mountains- i used to be there at least every weekend so it's like my second home!
it was nice to have a relaxed day out of city even it was SO cold- you can't imagine it was just around 3 degrees brrr.
I wanted to wear something really comfortable but also very usable so in fact if it would have been to cold just with the sweater and my jacket i also could have used my flannel which i kept tied around my waist...
here i show you also my new backpack which is absolutely AMAZING :p it's black- leather- AND mesh- ouh yes^^ it was just such a luck to find it (of course from h&m) last piece and then reduced... how could it be something else, am i a lucky one!? (;
it turned out to be a very sporty look but it really was the right amount of everything- comfort- style and temperature :)

nice saturday everybody!
<3 Milena

Shirt: Zara
Sweater: Esprit
Jacket, Backpack, Flannel: H&M
Leggin: F21
Shoes: Converse

having some fun with working accessories :pp

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