OOTD-flower business

this is a simple summer-business inspired look- i wore some weeks ago to pick my little bro up from his little tour with his kindergarden where he was off for 3 days! :)
afterwards i went into the cinema with a really good friend of mine haven't had seen her for around 3-4 weeks really long in case we normally meet everday because she is a classmate -we had so much to chat about! ( ♥ Anny)
this is the first weekend i have to work-can't believe^^ i have to get up  at 5pm! on other weekends i go to bed at this time :p (the day is definately not my time- the night is my new day :p)

♥ Milena


OOTD-My Premiere

 I decided to go to this place to shoot some special pictures and i had the feeling like i was going to a film premiere or something like that-the elegant mode was on for real! :)
before i got there i had to walk through meter high cornfields and grasss and so on-but definately was a good trip i will come back soon this place is so full of different loacation offers i am over excited... even it is a little bit forbidden to be there but who cares the result is the only thing that counts (:

on the side note: i dressed the disney-minnie-leo clutch copletely in a different way than in yesterdays post here

♥ Milena



Shirt, Short, Shades: H&M; Shoes: F21; Clutch: C&A;
this is a simpel outfit i choose for going out for dinner and afterwards into the cinema with my grandma-it was such a lovely day and if you are following me via instagram you probably can remember the food i have posted-really amreican styled dinner in the sun and warm weather!
i think the stripe leo combo is quite a good choice to feel effortless simple and still stylish :)
the clutch is from a disney collection and when you have a closer look at it-you can imagine this is not real leo print-more a minney mouse with her big ears and so on- it was so cute and quite cheap just had to bring it home with me! -> and who doesn't need a disney -leoprint looking clutch huh!? (:

♥ Milena



i actually made these pictures some weeks ago but couldn't find the time to edit them how i liked and had some other posts i wanted to show fist but finally here it is, a really casual look for a day at home or chilling around just worked with texture and simple accessories

have a nice week

♥ Milena


right now

this is what my beautiful rose is looking like-right now! ;)
we are young right now, we got right now-cause all we got is right now
my motto for those days filled with working, heat, sleep, meeting friends-summer feeling ´s :p

♥ Milena


OOTD-simple garden

working is really really hard i already count the days i have still to do...
my feets are hurting so bad every single day ! -.-
and now where i have started to work the weather has switched into summer mode and it is hot as hell- i really like the heat but the only problem... while working it is awful!
so this is what i threw on to drive around a bit and visit some relatives-really spontanious...

♥ Milena


OOTD-journeys outfit

actually this look is from friday one week ago or something like that...
it was just a simple outfit for driving to the lake :)
these shades are on top of my all time favorite sunnies i am so in love with these shiny green mirrored glasses and the see trough thing... easiest go to accessory :p

tomorrow is day x- my start into my summer job! i will be working 3 months from now and probably most of the time as a waitress---so my clothes i can choose from are very very litlle: lets say it rough^^
white blouse, black pants black shoes and a ponytail every single day...
i don't know how i manage to keep you updated with my outfits because after my choice of 4 different blouses i am over with variety in this business, so there are going be some fewer post, but as often as possible i try to catch my time off outfits for you!

♥ Milena


OOTD-tigers eyes

simple outfit i threw on to go into the city and get some stuff done its from a few days ago where the weather was not as warm as it is now! :)
this mint jumper is from sales and was for around 6€ to get! i was searching for such a long time for the perfect tigersface-jumper because i really liked the kenzo version but this is over the top i can't afford haha i have seen better versions but for this price i was really happy and okay with this one :p

whish you all the best have a nice weekend
♥ Milena


OOTD-sophisticated black and white

here is what i wore today for a little shopping tour with my mom! :)
now we already have the weater to wear shorts yaaay :p i like that a lot!
immideately when i saw this blouse i fell in love with it the pattern is so unique but also verstaile and flowers-with stripes are working together hand in hand and to make it even more sophisticated the black and white combo makes it!
i am enjoying my holidays my garden is now at its prettiest the rose and her smooth smell like in a dream,  i spend every free minute outside- my weekend on the lake was awsome, met so nice and friendly people we talked about so many things and especially old times! i got tanned a little bit and went swimming soi guess goal reached :p

♥ Milena



here the third post of my series :))
there is going to be one more!!
i always want to make a new picture and by editing i really try to contrast and stuff like that-this is what i came up with :p
here the previous two series-

♥ Milena