new in

i really missed this section- have not blogged this 'new in' post in a while...
actually i wore the pices as soon as i got them so they came up in the daily outfit posts so there was no need for- but somehow i had the idea of showing you my stuff in this post haha ;p
i got a little bit crafty in my holidays and in cooparation with my mum the sewing machine is working again-i had this project so looong in my mind and planned... had everything at home already and now the time has come to make things happen :) this is what i came up with..

i bought two different colors and structures of fake leather and now its a piece i can go in just white (with an accent of grey) or in mint or fold it a little higher to have this two color effect :)

here some stuff from vienna and from sales here in my hometown

 Blazer from New Yorker and Necklace from H&M

Lacetop from Forever21

Tiger necklace from F21 and dress from New Yorker

Mirrored shades from H&M

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