i wish you all the best for the new YEAR!
hope you had a wonderful 2011... mine was kind of crazy and i had such great trips and moments with my friends and family and i think it was a great idea to start the blog :D
hope you will also follow my blog in 2012 and just keep on talking about if you like it and share it to friends i am happy with every single page view :)
kisses and i leave you here with my paarty outfit...
(it was a hard desicion which photos i should pick there where so many funny and cool ones hope you like them)

Dress: Vero Moda; Necklace: Cocuni


blue invasion

guuys ;)
i finally got the things ready for my post i have planned for 1 week right now...
this hoodie i got for christmas and i am completly in love with not at all because it matchs with my nailpolish perfectly :p
My brother said he wanted to do pictures too so he came and shooted with me :D
what are you planning for new years eve tomorrow? big paarty?
♥ Milena

Hoodie: Tom Tailor; Rest: H&M


x-mas eve2+music post

Heey guys :D
how are you? i am really relaxed i have holidays and it is amazing :p
time by time i am  in the countryside and i go shopping in the city the sale is amazing too! :)
soo here the pictures from the 25th of december where i celebrated with mine american realtives... these was no shoot just done by my father while i was speaking with my cousin, it was so greatful because she live now in new jersey and i visited her in summer, that was the reason why i started the blog... so there were first expressions from my trip to NY and NJ :)
and now she is visiting us here in Austria for christmas!!

and i have to say i am a hudge fan of rihanna she always do her own stuff and it nerver loose or fails so here the song from her which i am in love from the first note i heard it! Rihanna-You Da One
black and white as the video is :p
♥ Milena


x-mas eve :)

honeeeys ;D
now i will show you some not shooted pictures there where just shot sometimes in the evening... hope you like them it was really happy and greatful!
i will post tomorrow the x-mas eve2 post :p from the 25th of december and i am also preparing the next outfit post for you :)
♥ Milena


x-mas shoot 1

this are the first 2 pictures of my christmas shoot ;D
♥ Milena
and i have to tell you there is a bigger porblem with the internet it doesn't work how it should... so SORRY!



it did not post the christmas wishes and everything i hope you apologize me i think today there will be two posts first now the outfit from saturday the 24th which i wanted to post 2 days ago but it didn't work ://, and then pictures from the christmas eve and my outfit yesterday when i celebrated the second time christmas with my relatives from america ;DD
soooo lovee you enjoy the time and the new things you got! :D stay true and visit my blog...
♥ Milena


hey ho- new years/party outfit

hey ho back in town again! :D
i feel so much better than the last 2 days and i am sooo happy about that!
hope you are in christmas mood, oh well on the one hand i am, on the other hand, the time until now passed so fast and there is nowhere snow outside just cold and brown.
i leave you here with an outfit for maybe the new years eve, i really obsessed with this glitter silver shirt and today i got the perfect nailpolish for it AWSOME! :)

♥ Milena

Pant: H&M (au /w11); Shirt: Only (10)


bad-day.lovely brother

honeeeys, this is not the best day, i got ill -.-
i hope you are fit!!!
so here the photos from the 'shoot' with my brother :))
hope you like it, i decided to give him the outfit because he looks so smart!
the t-shirt i got on a craft-market somewhere in jersey :p
♥ Milena