honeeeys, how is your sunday?
okay i am really chilled but that schouldn't be because i have a lot to study for school :)
but i wanted to do nothing just prepare some post of the next week, and todays...
how do you like it? i thought black and white is great to combinate it with the cardigan, this is my absolutly favourit this winter, there are so many diferent outfits you could do with it! i wore this outfit for a visit in the city and do some christmas shopping it wasn't warm but i wore a second cardigan underneath in black i don't know if you can see it somewhere in the post :)

♥ Milena (i will give you a link to my relax song of the day :) left boy - gangstah)

Cardigan, black shirt: H&M; Short: Tally Weil; Shoes: Puma; Melon: from Grandma; Leg warmers white T- present

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