all about warm arms

darlings :)
ohh i have to study so hard for my maths test, awful i cant belive it by myself :o
but okay there is no apologize if i dont do it, so here just a small post for you! :)
i decided to wear the kind of legwarmers or what ever (i showed it to you in my post here) as arm-warmer because the jeans-jacket have 3/4 sleeve so it would probably not that perfect for this kind of year but, with the grey things it was perfect and a great new kombination i think, how do you like it?? and i am crazy about the t-shirt, because in the front  are pictured the feets from Micheal Jackson doing a famous move with shiny and sequins! *___*
have a good start in the week! at the evening St. Nicholas will come to my little brother, how exciting for him! hope you also get presents because you are a good person :p
♥ Milena

Jeans Jacket, T-shirt: Only (old); Trousers, hairband: H&M; Grey arm warmers: Benetton (f/w 11)

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