hey guys :)
have a nice weekend! sorry for not posting yesterday, i just had no time...
but today i show you the outfit with my new rose-short, i walked in store and saw it and just had to buy at immediately :p
yesterday my class and i visited a chocolate manufacture, oh man i felt so disgusting for some hours ;)) but later i had a nice barbeque evening with some friends!

♥ Milena

every thing is from  h&m just the necklace is from a shop at vacances


OOTD-black & white ballerina

i found this shirt yesterday at sale and it was a completely must have, perfect for me i love the ballerina and it tourned out as a super cute first black and white look for this summer! ;)

♥ Milena


OOTD- old-gold

back in town with GOLD :DD

haha always an classic item! which i like to style for day as well as for night events...
i think i looove shorts, every coulor, lenght and it's just my go for look in summer!
well and the distressed ones are super duper cool especcially for the festival looks :)
aaand another obsession are these kind of undone, summer outfits with wet hair fringe and stuff like that :p

♥ Milena



OOTD- red bandana style

i haven't woren this jacket for ages...
but today i really enjoyed it to wear it again, in a red pin up style and simple comfortable! :)
only 2 weeks then i have summer holidays, and verry soon i am spending vacance at the sea *_*
we've got rain here again and its so badly i hate it, i want summer and sun where is it? yesterday was such a great weather with swimming and shorts and today its cold and rainy -.-
♥ Milena



well you dont know how much i looooooove SUMMER!

ohhh sometimes i get a good feeeling yeah :)
these days you spent with you friends and everything is just perfect!

♥ Milena


OOTD- white paradise

hey out there, :)
i show you the outfit i wore at yesterdays event a summer-party from a bank!
just a simple dress but i love it so comfortable, and the flowers just keep me thinking they are from paradise! :DD
haaaappy weekend!!

♥ Milena



heelloo short update :)
here you see the first outfit with my new stars-high-waist jeans, and i am in LOVE, the fabric is thin and perfect for such hot summer days!
today we have the longest day in year and shortest night, from now on it start to change again!

♥ Milena