just a short helloo :)
tomorrow i am off for skiing with my class and a lot of other schools!
i have to get up early early in the morning so now i need my bed :p
last day then weekend!
these pics were taken by my bestfriend after a short visit in the mall again, just for strolling around and spend time together  (♥ mimi-babsi).
aaand sry for the bad lighting but if its dark like that its hard to get the thing right and we didn't have that much time to play around little bit!

♥ Milena



helllo sweetys,
first week is going to an end, :) it was really calme and chilly, just a präsentation i had to do!
next week first tests, and projects start again...
as my look yesterday just had this hoody cool style, today i wanted to go, somehow in the whole different direction, i decided to take a dress and style it down with a few things,
the gold studds just went so well with the leo from my tee, i actually had some other cobination in my mind but it didn't tourned out like i wanted to have, so there was this twist and the look around my cape, i haven't woren in ages and got back on my fav list, i also used my coat as a cape like the trend is now! :p
 on top of it i added my had i am so in LOVE with, this had makes everything look better and give this little extra to each outfit!
in the afternoon i did a quick shopping tour with mommy, just a few bathroom products and some easter decoration- we fell in love with all the white bunnys *_*
and now i am enjoying my apple cake i did this evening!

♥ Milena


OOTD-dont do, just be

this tote bag is my diy from the holidays :D
i really would have liked to do more diys and had so much planned and thought about but haven't found enough time to do it -.-
i went for that quote from coco chanel because i really like it- i dont do fashion i am fashion-
there is so much space to interpret it in your own way!

♥ Milena



this is the foto-story we did yesterday before leaving :)
it tourned out really funny and almost every picture was useful we both liked them and thats really unusual normally there is at least one who dont like it, but not yesterday ;D
we thought it would be funny to go for pretty much the same shirt and of course the black and white theme- but we both styled it very diffrent if with gold or silver or dark red or mint everything worked!
it was a great party night also with all my other girls thanks ♥
anyway now back to reality tomorrow starts school again so freetime and fun activities are not possible...

♥ Milena



we have so much snow here-its like 40-50 centimeters high!
today i am going back to the city and going out tonight with my girls-gonna be fun! :D
until i have to leave i hope to get some things done, first i go out and enjoy the snow and do some snow activities with my lil brother, and then some stuff for school and i did a diy-totebag i am going to show you as soon as its completely done...
enjoy your saturday

♥ Milena



this is the second post with the same outfit as yesterday just a little add i did- with the lilac tulips, i got them for valentinesday and there where already over, but then i knew i want to do something with it...
i think the sun and the lilac and brown just go so well together i really like how it tourned out-i did the editing, with the mac so i didn't know how everthing worked but it went not bad! ;)
so i am on the countryside again- and again there is snowfall and everything is still white and a winter wonderland!
almost weekend- (Y)

♥ Milena


OOTD-stripes types

this shirt is new from my mango sale purchase and also this beanie is a new present i received!
now i am in the city again and went to my favorite place to shoot again there, here and here are the other two sessions from this place :)
i really like the feeling what i get there so i managed to make two posts out of one shooting and today lets begin with the black and white one...
hope you have a great week, my day goes on really funny i am going for dinner with a friend and afterwards in the cinema and let the day end by partying with my girls!

<3 Milena


OOTD-chilly monday

sorry as usual the lack of posts on weekends :)
but here it is the weekly update- as i already told you this week is free and i am on the countryside to relax a little bit, now i am off for a little bit snow fun going to dash with a sleigh ;D
enjoying free time!
i will show you some pictures of the party weekend as soon as get them!
i really love this jacket this was one of the best sale-puchases i made
when we are talking about today should come my last order from mango, really hope it gets here i really waited long for it there where some problems but now cant wait to see what i got :p

♥ Milena


OOTD-baroque secret

last schoolday for this semester, 
new blazer, 
baroque pattern, 
pictures at a secret place, 
forbitten to walk there, 
had to do, 
love the location, 
now just chilling, 
have to read 3 books during these holidays, 
going to party this weekend, 
today promball at the countryside,
tomorrow birthday party from my bestfriend mimi, 
in the city, excited, 
need to relax a little bit, 
snowboarding with my family, 
also on my list, 
and doing some diy stuff with my cousin, 
probably shopping trip to vienna...

♥ Milena


OOTD-lone wolf-big love

i spent my valentine's day  first with my girlys at the cinema and we watched a lovestory :)
and then a lovely training-old school hip hop i am death now...
well thats how i managed to get trough the day, didn't get a rose thats sad xD
but anyways here a post that shows BIG LOVE for everybody
thanks that you always come over and read my blog i really enjoy blogging!
 there will be an outfit post with the full outfit, in a few days so be sure to come back :p

♥ Milena