helllo sweetys,
first week is going to an end, :) it was really calme and chilly, just a präsentation i had to do!
next week first tests, and projects start again...
as my look yesterday just had this hoody cool style, today i wanted to go, somehow in the whole different direction, i decided to take a dress and style it down with a few things,
the gold studds just went so well with the leo from my tee, i actually had some other cobination in my mind but it didn't tourned out like i wanted to have, so there was this twist and the look around my cape, i haven't woren in ages and got back on my fav list, i also used my coat as a cape like the trend is now! :p
 on top of it i added my had i am so in LOVE with, this had makes everything look better and give this little extra to each outfit!
in the afternoon i did a quick shopping tour with mommy, just a few bathroom products and some easter decoration- we fell in love with all the white bunnys *_*
and now i am enjoying my apple cake i did this evening!

♥ Milena

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