oooh. yees i already miss this beautiful summer sun, i know its a little bit early but what should i do i am not happy with this cold time of the year ;DD
so now i will show you an old picture which a friend of me shot in the summer at a festival!

♥ Milena, wish you a good start in the new week!

i wore a h&m shirt, American Eagle Short, Forver 21 necklace, h&m belt, bag and sunglasses, and as u can see a courner of a pink striped blazer from Zara :)



sweeetys ;DD
this weekend i am visiting my grandpa he has a great countryside house... so here i am, i will enjoy it spend some time with my family because in the last two moths there was not enought time for it :)

so i hope u are okay, and like it ;DD
for the shooting i found this funny guitar and i thought it would be nice to take it as a accesorize... this firegreen pant from Zara (f/w 11) is absolutly my favorite, i cant live without it!

♥ Milena!

Pants: Zara (f/w 11); Schoes: Replay (f/w 11); west,shirt,blouse: H&M (old); Necklace: Vero Moda (old); Guitar: Ikea


shades of brown

i compleeeetly LOVE the shades of brown right know or especially for this autumn!! :)
i have to wear it all day long :p so this pictures wont be a suprise for you because i wear brown! ;DD haha. but i have to tell you my second favourit is brown with white thats so awsome because i think brown is a very warm tone of colour and the white give it kind of straighness and coolness thats absolut perfekt!! ;DD
now there will come some beautiful days because we have kind of holidays, time to chill and something like that!
how excited are you about halloween??

♥ Milena

cloths: H&M; Accesorizes-diffrent countrys :)



hey :)
so this was a really short week, tomorrow its again friday awsome, here we come for one week holidays and of course with halloween, oh i am so excited i will go to a party with my girls so its gonna be lot of fun! :p
today i will show you a more casual look, i dont know but some days you just dont know what kind of style you want to wear so you choose something simple and confi and casual so today i felt like this and decided to wear this! ;DD

♥ Milena

Pant: Only; Blazer: Only (old); Shirt,Belt,West: H&M; Necklace: Esprit (old)


music post

heeey guys :))
today i had so much things going on, so there was no time for doing pictures or soo sry! ;DD
i hope u like a music post i have to say i really like the drums they are so good musician!
so here is my new fav. the drums, money

♥ Milena, and by the way i also would like to buy something! :p



sweeeetys ;DD
oooh today it was so loong in school and bad and jsut uh!

but i really enjoyed to do the pictures and while i was shooting it, there came out the idea of shakin my hair because it just moved like this :)) hope u like it and u can see that it was such a funny aktion :p

♥ Milena! tomorrow is national holiday -amaaazing...

Outfit: H&M



i just wanted to show you this awsome bag from my post yesterday.. i am completly in love with it! its soo shiny! do u love it? ;))
♥ Milena


a whiff of glam

hey guys ;DD
today was sunday but not really stress less because i had to do soo many things!
there were home works learning for tests, doinhg something to help my mum :))

so here is my post as always as late :D
but i really had fun to check out this new combination which turned out really glamorous dont you think so?? hope u like it (sry the quality is not the best! and u cant see the funky glitter of this awsome bag :o) i think its a good outfit for a party or meeting  with friends at the evening!

♥ Milena, get a good start in the new week!



sweeetys :DD
such a stressful sauturday... soo here is my short post :p

♥ Milena

Shirt H&M Scarf H&M; Pants: ZARA: Cardigan: orsay


big bag 2 beige-brown

sweeetys :))
oh well today i have spend my afternoon with my little brother, we played games and looked at books and were listening to cd's :p
so i really enjoyed it, he is so cute, and in the last 4 weeks i hadn't that much time for him so it was his wish to do that with me!!

i really like the nude beige brown tones, and mixed with withe super cool and fashionable :)
i decided to wear this in the morning because i thought i could take the same bag as yesterday... and so here is the secound part of big bags for live :))
hope u like it its a verry confi look, and everything perfect for this weather and for sitting in school class!

♥ Milena enjoy your day !

Outfit: H&M; Necklace: Claires


big bags 4 life

heey guys ;DD

whats up? today i am not that happy at all because its rainy and cold ahhw. but... i could go home 2 h earlier from school thats a plus :p

so i had time to do some pictures with my lovely biig bag okay thats not my only one but i loove them all because in these bags is my life :)) i always say! i need the space and everything thats perfect i can put in everything i want i have nothing to carry on extra... thats me!
my bag, my life :p

great day xoxo. Milena

Bildunterschrift hinzuf├╝gen

t-shirts, cardigan, necklace, bag: H&M; pant: only