back home! :DD

i have shot some amazing sunsets but more about that tomorrow,
today just a short outfit update, keep it bright, but heavy :pp

♥ Milena



hello hello sweetys ;D
whats up in the hood!!??

i hope everything is okay, i am just chillin at the beach with the two most important things,

whish you the beest soon at home again!

♥ Milena


Musik update!

what is vacation without music??? nothing-right!
so i hope you feeeeel it!
i really like diffrent styles of music so i hope everybody can find something!

♥ Milena
this is my serum to life :)



a short update from croatia :)

these are my favorite bikinis, i love them all  colorful, patterns, little bit with gold ♥ ♥

greeetz ♥ Milena


OOTD-just drivin baby

heeeelloo :DD

last post from home!
hope you enjoy your time, i am sure i will :p
take your time and relax no matter where you are, at home or on holiday...
i already told you i can't post that often but i try to update a few times.. so check out still if i am not here, when i am back i hope i get managed all the bloglovin stuff so you can easily follow me with all the other blogs, this is pretty much the best thing on earth i think! :)
see you in croatia beach :p
♥ Milena


OOTD-simple as the heart

last day before leaving :)
everything is almost done, i am probably going to bake a cake :p
and my suitcase... hahah not ready but on the evening it will be closed!
hope you are having a great time- i am off for 14 days i will be back at the 30. Juli
i dont think that i am able to post during my visit there so i hope you come back and join my blog  when i am in town again... :D

♥ Milena



sooo two days left until i am going to croatia :)
everthing is almost ready just my suitcase is empty!
haha there is one problem i can not decide what i want to take with me for two weeks...
there are so many options xD but i have enough time to get it ready!

♥ Milena



it's a little bit cold here right now -.-
i dont like it, and hope that in the sunny south its better next week, because i am going on vacation! (Y) :DD

♥ Milena

Shirt: Zara; Pant: H&M; Necklace: F21



xoxo Milena
fast updaate, well you know holidays are stressful! xD


OOTD-street life

I play the street life
Because there's no place I can go
Street life, it's the only life I know
Street life, and there's a thousand parts to play
Street life, until you play your life away
You let the people see
Just who you wanna be
And every night you shine
Just like a superstar
That's how the life is played
A ten cent masquerade
You're dressed, you walk, you talk
You're who you think you are
Street life

♥ Milena