OOTD-all black with exceptions

here a little throw back outfit i wore someday around fall!
it was a nice day in the city to shop birthday gifts and so on- with a great party in the evening, i remember :)
this outfit was supposed to feel super relaxed and not over styled but still super fashionable-
this is what i came up with: the basic clothes i used build the simple baseline and fake fur plus leo sneakers take over the statement thing to push it a bit into the more dressed direction!

as i have some photos left from fall there are going to be some of these up here in the future... (:

<3 Milena

black pieces: H&M
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Vans via Zalando
Clutch: Suite Blanco from Spain
Necklace: F21 -Vienna
Fake Fur- Vintage


OODT-holidays party

its again long time ago since you heard from me right!?
i whish i  could be able to post more and spend most of my time doing pictures and capture some nice outfits- but in reality - its a long way to go there...
like especially in december i had sooo much to do for school i just had no time left for anything else! sadly :(
and as we have winter time over here, i am tired as hell anytime and everyday

as there is another difference i won't  show you anymore every outfit  i wore- or every pics i do- BECAUSE i thought that i just like the best of the best for you and no just simply done pictures so this go for me to a higher level- as a result - higher level means more time for everything from outfit choosing to location, pictures and editing! ( i hope i can manage everything better in 2014)

but i won't make any promises because i am not sure how to keep them at all- as i already know january is going to be as tough as december was!

this jacket is my this seasons holiday gadget- its a show stopper (show stopper take me to another thing-this awesome necklace; i got as a little pre christmas gift from one special girly<3)  and i try to wear it in many different ways i capture these and you tell me  which you liked most right!?
here is the first up to come...

<3 Milena

Shoes, Pants; Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Infected
Jacket: Tally weil



actually my post yesterday should have been with my new beanie...
it would've been the perfect statement to be back- but anyway today there is the big HALLO :)

this beanie went straight to my closet from the first sight, also new is this shirt- a simple sale purchase but love the washed out kind of green-grey middle tone and of course the application above the pocket- as the buttons which are little silver spikes- everything in the detail hmm?

new location i discovered while strolling around my hood :p

today, i managed to come trough this terrible monday and at the end i have still to do a lot...

xoxo. Milena

Shorts, Shirt, Jacket, Bag, Necklace, Cuff: H&M
Beanie: Tally Weil
Shoes: Converse
Ring: Claires


back again-partylook

its been exactly one month without any blog post over here!
it was not planned at all but everything just happened to work together...
as school started fully  i had to attend many meetings and go togethers, in the afternoons i had always been somewhere but there was no possible chance to make good ootd pictures- when i came home in the evening it was dark already (i don't like the indoor pictures at night - its so hard to get the right light) and i was totally tired - so just got home and like fell into my bed with no exception^^
but enough said about the past its time to look forward- i thought december would be a good month to start again my 'work' as a blogger-as there are many events and occasions to dress nice and maybe some diy's for x-mss ideas!
i collected although some pictures over the months so there are going to be some more fall-likely ones- but now we already have winter :)

i start of the new season- today with a super nice shoot i did with my girl fabi- one of the last post was with/featured her- and here is my part! :p
it was a party outfit- for a saturday night out- and i actually wanted to show these pictures so long ago but- never actually felt like doing it- so here we go :p

sorry for my long text- hope you did enjoy a super great weekend  and can start in a new week!

<3 Milena

Jacket: London vintage
Shirt, Shorts: F21
Bag, Shoes: Primark
Necklace: Zara
Watch: Vintage


OOTD-my heart still belongs to NYC

i am back with a neeew big blogpoost!
sorry i really missed out posting the last week! :(
but now i have my driver license and i am fully back with some dope new stuff! :p

<3 Milena

Shirt, Leggins, Bag: H&M
Shoes: F21
Jewelry: Claires



this is a little spontaneous shoot i did with my girly -fabi <3
we just chilled at home before going out and experimented a little bit with different ways of looks and outfits and just thought this could be like the one to make pictures with ...
tataaa these are the results- she totally made this whole combination work-rocked it!

<3 Milena


OOTD-Venice Lady M

my bestfriend is the best on earth (just everybody had to know)
she gave me this beautiful mask as a little gift from her trip to venice!
 of course we immediately thought of doing some nice pictures :)
this is the result!!! tell me your opinion :)

<3 Milena


Riri on dots-details

yesterday i posted the fully outfit- but here are some closer pictures from this day...
there was this special fall light and i really wanted to catch and create an interesting and kind of mystery mood with these pictures...
it was the perfect mix from shadow and sunlight and colors in a very intense way :)
hope you like that and also have checked out yesterdays full outfit! (with all the details, where everything is from)

<3 Milena


OOTD-Riri on dots

this awesome awesome awesome riri shirt is from italy... i have always wanted one for ages right now first i thought of getting one of the life is a joke ones, but than never found THE right print or cut so i didn't buy it online- now i am so happy i did not because literally everybody runs around in this shirt so awful it really got sooo mainstream!
so i went to italy with my girls and ta ta taaa- there was one and even pimpt by randomly added red dots- how cool can it be!? huh
so my mood was so good as i found it and even better now at home where everybody have the same shirt and mine one is so different a lot cooler and nobody got it :D

<3 Milena
-the latest news from london are coming when i am at home this is a prepared post i did for you!

Sunnies, Pants,: H&M
Shirt: Italy
Necklace: Primark
Bracelet: Claires
Bag: Tagwerk
Shoes: Vans