back again-partylook

its been exactly one month without any blog post over here!
it was not planned at all but everything just happened to work together...
as school started fully  i had to attend many meetings and go togethers, in the afternoons i had always been somewhere but there was no possible chance to make good ootd pictures- when i came home in the evening it was dark already (i don't like the indoor pictures at night - its so hard to get the right light) and i was totally tired - so just got home and like fell into my bed with no exception^^
but enough said about the past its time to look forward- i thought december would be a good month to start again my 'work' as a blogger-as there are many events and occasions to dress nice and maybe some diy's for x-mss ideas!
i collected although some pictures over the months so there are going to be some more fall-likely ones- but now we already have winter :)

i start of the new season- today with a super nice shoot i did with my girl fabi- one of the last post was with/featured her- and here is my part! :p
it was a party outfit- for a saturday night out- and i actually wanted to show these pictures so long ago but- never actually felt like doing it- so here we go :p

sorry for my long text- hope you did enjoy a super great weekend  and can start in a new week!

<3 Milena

Jacket: London vintage
Shirt, Shorts: F21
Bag, Shoes: Primark
Necklace: Zara
Watch: Vintage

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