chats about red

ohh how do you feel today??
i am i dont know :p not good but also not bad kind of middle thing and just let life rush over... day by day thats yeeah kind if boring ;)
so i dont get bored to much i am wearing my favourit pow-wow lovley RED-colour! :D
i cant get enough of it i am obsessed haha. well i hope you are also red-lovers!
my todays outfit is just this nice american-style leggins and the shirt which i have realized have the same stars on it like the leggin and a chilly sweater, which i tuned up with this big glitter necklace and a red bag :p
hope you like it!

♥ Milena

Leggin&Sweater: H&M; Shirt: Only; Bag: New Yorker


pretty in pink

guys, moooonday!
how are you? fit for the week? :)
i am first step of stressed but it will be more until thursday but friday is chilly at all :)
soo just 4 days (Y) haha.
our weather here is very crazy yesterday snowfall today sunshine but still cold... it could be warmer at all :)
my outfit was complete comfy today... as you maybe already knew monday i just have 2 or 3 lessons and the rest i have cooking where i have to wear a uniform , maybe you will see it someday but not for sure :p
i am not the typical girl, pink isnt the most loved colour in my palette :) but sometimes i have to take some pink/rose stuff just for feeling good and cute and pretty haha ;))
i had this vision in the morning to wear this amazing scarf which was a christmas present from a good friend, and then i went on and found something good in my wardrobe... i forgot to show you my bag probably i will post you a little pictures later with my phone just you got to know what it looks like, the bag is rose...

Lo♥e Milena


winter is coming back

there was the first real snowfall day at all this winter...
i am not that happy, as you know i am a summer lover girl- and i am already in summer mood probably i will show you all my inspirations as soon for this holidays,
but first i had to pick up all my warm stuff and it tourned out in a very new outfit combination, brown with salmon whick is  giving the bow-wow effect ;DD
its a outfit post which i shoot outside this is not that often... hope you like it, leave a comment! :p

♥ Milena, enjoy your sunday!

Pullover: Handmade by my grandmother, for my grandfather (R.I.P); Rest: H&M; Shoes: Nike


i am a superhero

we are in carnival mood! ;DD
soo here some funyn pictures from my cutest brother, and while i was doing the pictures he said the post titel :) !
♥ Milena



honeeys here my new post :)
its a outfit with the very fuzzy pullover and i didn't thought about that in the morning and was mixing it with black so no good idea every black stuff  is white all over -.-
but i really like the simple way and straight line what do you think?
thanks for cheking out every day my post and i read every of you comment and i am happy about every site view i can get! :p
♥ Milena

Outfit- H&M


horse in town

these a days i am chillin, i have nothing to do for tomorrow or something like that just enjoy my time ;))  i am really happy in 3 weeks the first semester is over AND i maybe get a 1( it's the best mark you could get) in maths *_* thats really not expected at all :)) yeeah this made my day!
my oufit i choose was soo spontan because i had to take it wiht me yesterday, as i slept at my friends home, my choice was a simple grey skirt with the button detail in the front, blue shirt with this nice shoulder fluffy thing, and this cutest scarf with horses on it, maybe the colour cobination is not as usual with grey and kind of brown, but i really like it and just wore brown shoes and grey coat for outside...

♥ Milena

Scarf-Shirt: H&M; Skirt: F21