horse in town

these a days i am chillin, i have nothing to do for tomorrow or something like that just enjoy my time ;))  i am really happy in 3 weeks the first semester is over AND i maybe get a 1( it's the best mark you could get) in maths *_* thats really not expected at all :)) yeeah this made my day!
my oufit i choose was soo spontan because i had to take it wiht me yesterday, as i slept at my friends home, my choice was a simple grey skirt with the button detail in the front, blue shirt with this nice shoulder fluffy thing, and this cutest scarf with horses on it, maybe the colour cobination is not as usual with grey and kind of brown, but i really like it and just wore brown shoes and grey coat for outside...

♥ Milena

Scarf-Shirt: H&M; Skirt: F21

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