pretty in pink

guys, moooonday!
how are you? fit for the week? :)
i am first step of stressed but it will be more until thursday but friday is chilly at all :)
soo just 4 days (Y) haha.
our weather here is very crazy yesterday snowfall today sunshine but still cold... it could be warmer at all :)
my outfit was complete comfy today... as you maybe already knew monday i just have 2 or 3 lessons and the rest i have cooking where i have to wear a uniform , maybe you will see it someday but not for sure :p
i am not the typical girl, pink isnt the most loved colour in my palette :) but sometimes i have to take some pink/rose stuff just for feeling good and cute and pretty haha ;))
i had this vision in the morning to wear this amazing scarf which was a christmas present from a good friend, and then i went on and found something good in my wardrobe... i forgot to show you my bag probably i will post you a little pictures later with my phone just you got to know what it looks like, the bag is rose...

Lo♥e Milena

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