OOTD-classic pumpkin

heeeeeey hooooo heeeey hooo
triiiick or treeeat! ;D

know i have holdays for 4 days-going to hang out as much as possible, but there is a lot to study and do for school!

my look today was choose because its the 31th october-so orange is a must!
my pants just fitted so well to my literally classic look-the cross is just the statement of creepyness (does this word exist?)  i liked to add to my chic pumpkin look!
tonight i am going out! hope you too enjoy and party all night long!

♥ Milena


OOTD-street high-low

today i had a terrible experience!
i went shopping just a little bit not long-but how else could it be? i found a few pieces i definately had to buy!
so got to the cash and took out my purse- looking in and just recognized i have nothing to pay no moneys in there no creditcard... so i went out without anything! -.-
anyway than i had spontanious lessons to teach in dance school which i really enjoyed,
and now i am back home sitting on my desk and studying all night long!

tomorrow is the day of the day! 31.10 HALLOWEEN if anybody had missed it ;)

♥ Milena


OOTD-citygirl-meets countryside

yesterday night i attended a prom ball with all my lovley girls in a location outside from my hometown city!
so first until we got there, it was a really long way, i couln't call somebody i felt a little bit lost because it even rained like no more stopping at all!
i overslept with my bestfriend at another good friend who is living out there in a beautiul house up on a hill with amazing view! (thanks for the good time ♥)
today i will ( have to ) study for school- and enjoy the rest of my weekend :))
in this post i show you my new boooties i am in loooove with *_* they match so well with my green parka so i am really happy to welcome them :)))

---> there is another problem i can not post anything on instagram anymore i try to fix it up!
♥ Milena


OOTD-sweet candy

sometimes we shall do the easiest way ever!
so black and white no discussing no matters...
simple perfect this combination in love with it! :)
this scarf is new in my closet-welcome d: just keeping me warm in those cold rainy october days!

♥ Milena


OOTD-we live

we love the past- live the present and look forward to the future.

♥ Milena


OODT-welcome to the good life

 got this necklace in the sale- i bought it online with 2 other things i am going to show you another time- :)) today i combined it really cool, edgy and simple xoxo.
♥ Milena


OOTD-i am not lucky i am blessed-yes

the name of the outfitpost i really want to attend to a really good friend! ( she knows what it is about. xD)
i just wanted to thank you, that everybody is supporting me, and visiting my blog! (:
time by time i am not sure if i should go on but then you always suprise me and tell me so cute storys, that i am motivated to post for you! for daily visitors, there is bloglovin <- best idea on earth-go and get it and follow me, then you always see if i have posted something new! i am (blog) lovin it :))

let me know, what i can improve or if you like some styles really! always happy to hear other opinions or comments about it... :p

and... dont forget i have an Instagram-account -> millenium_store

♥ Milena



today i managed my first test- so this weekend i am going to chilll all over! :)
i bought this shirt yesterday and i am really in love with it the detail up on the shoulders and the COLOR *_* and the lenght-just everything is great!
whish you the best for the weekend and i hope that i will keep you updated between my realxing sessions!

♥ Milena


OOTD-we love peplum

this is a third option i did with this red peplum dress! ;)
the first time here and as a shirt in rock-look here
i really like to use one piece as often and as different as possible!
do some trys by your own and combine some of your fav pieves completly diffrent- you will love it how you can transform it in any look you want!
today we did our class picture i am pretty curious how it tourned out...
hope my online shopping will arrive soon i am waiting so bad for it :)

♥ Milena