OOTD-jeans on jeans

blue denim on blue denim, white shirt, converse, ready :p
just simple basics but with a little twist like the highwaisted line of the shorts and the three gold buttons in front, and the jeansshirt with this white kind of floral print on and this really dark shade of blue denim...

sorry weekend as usual lack of posts- i am just chillin all the time so i dont think about what to blog, i am enjoying the sun and get a little bit tannend, that makes a weekend perfect!
i have also no school the next 3 days- thats really nice :D

for all the others, have a good start into the new week!
♥ Milena



going western with this hat! HOWDY
bought in sales, wore it for the first time-had to style it like that :))
its late and tomorrow in the morning first lesson i have a test so-wish me all the best... see how it will work!

weekends almost on jeey-got 4 days free! ♥ Milena


OOTD-sun is up

simple outfit i put together in about 5 minutes because i overslept one more time, haha barely had about 20 minutes to get to the bus... not nice to have such a stress in the morning haha!
i am just not used to drive with the bus every single day because normally i have my own 'taxi' because my dad takes me to my school! really such a cute service :p

this mint pants- in my heart since the first second i bought it! i can match and mix and do styles whaaaat ever i want and it adds this fresh spring kind touch...

♥ Milena


OOTD- trend the trench

today i decided to wear my new rain booties for the first time! goosh they are comfortable as hell :))
to make it look more chic and futuristic i added this simple black trench,these kind of trenchcoats are totally in time every single year in spring! so there nothing can go wrong with a simple piece like that...

i am kind of stressed out a little bit i have a lot to study and other things running- so i try the keep in balance as good as possible but sometimes its just hard! so i hope you can understand the lack of posting^^

♥ Milena


OOTD-another black and white

this is a simple look i wore some days ago- just perfect got this new statement necklace from my mum and definately wanted to do an outfit with as soon as possible so this is was i came up with...
weather is still very annoying one day warm next day rain and the next one cold ah what ever i don't like the time when it is too cold in the morning for going bare legged and in the shaddow also not that warm but in the sun you are melting!
starting in a new week! hoping for lot of sun :)

♥ Milena


OOTD-garden feeling

had so much fun doing these pictures with my bestfriend! it was wg-donnerstag *_* ♥ Mimi
so we are always searching for new locations and this seemed perffect for this shooting :p

have a great weekend! ♥ Milena


OOTD-king of raop

simple outfit for this wednesday! :)
love this combination of streetstyle mixed with chic elements...
tried to make that with the establishement of the jacket and my simple black bag from zara
to keep it low -converse and cap did their part of the outfit!
really easy to wear just can be thrown on and ready :p
this is my first white pants, excited what opportunitys i can find to style them, probably i am doing some disdressing to it-first wanted another one from h&m but the fit was sadly just impossible to wear for me^^ 
tomorrow my big test is going on- i am totally nut sure how i can make it but somehow it will work :p

♥ Milena


OTDD-clairity2-glimpse of summer

i am just studying all time i have got, and make some breaks to celebrate my little brothers birthday yay :D



its monday -exited to join training again! :)
started in this week quite stressed, have a lot to do acutally so no time to relax!
 i love this warm weather it was really really warm i also took of the cardigan and the tights :p
decided to make my new shirt- kind of washed flower print what ever- looking stunning and  just got some other details on that outfit and was really happy!

i am totally into mac miller-so most of the post names are inspired from his songs!
his music just give me this chilly feeling when i am stressed out, some songs i can recommend to you are like: live free, clarity, the way (ft ariana grande), nikes on my feet... and so on the list is endless :p

♥ Milena