OOTD-stripes on stripes on stripes

 heello :)
haha i love stripes and so on i decided to go for an overall striped look- this zara peplum blazer was one of this spontanoius take with me things i didn't try on or anything else, it was in sale and i really thought it was pretty so i went for it :p
really seeing forward to style it complete diffrent than this time!

had an amazing weekend- did go out twice and really had a good time with my girls (Fabi&Anny) and the people i've met, also had this big bunch of things to study and really did like learn a lot but still used some freetime to enjoy the sun which came and visited us!
today was the birthday party from my lil bro :p quite a funny action- spend a nice, chilly afternoon! :)

♥ Milena


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