OOTD-feels like army

this army look is shot on army ground, army here, there everywhere- still totally into this green hype and bought this jacket in sales- i know many people who got this and see it often around my town but i just cant let it go in the sales :p and its such a nice jacket tho :)) and kind of addicted to this beanie since i recived it from a family member! (thanks again) could wear it all day it goes with almost everything it can dress down a blazer look but also just make this perfect streetstyle...
well i was not in a rush but did these pics in like 15 minutes because it was such a bad weather and it barely rained ... thats annoying!
its still cold here but i won't wear my winterstuff again-officially switched to spring no matter what's outside haha :D

hope you had a great weekend and now can start over in a new week!

♥ Milena

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