i got these two new beautys for my birthday from my lovely parents-i absoluetly adore them i am kind of addicted to shades and not only that, my eyes are tearing if its too britght and so on, i really prefer sunnys in every situation they are possible! sadly when it rains i cant wear any because everybody is like 'what the heck' :))
the white sunny is a special one, have gently mirrored glasses and this silver-touch perfect for some cool summer looks! go together the best with jeans short, and dresses i think... (i have 100 ideas how to wear and its still so cold outside :/)
and the brown has kind of cheetah pattern but really little so you barely can see it! this is a classic piece i will have for ever, it matches so well with my haircolor and skintone (hope to getting little bit darker in summer) and outfits for like festivals and boho style are perfect to think of but also chic sleek with black can work together well :D

♥ Milena

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