OOTD-dusty day

ahhhhhh i did my exam perfectly and got a real good mark! thanks good- i love english *_*
haha for this dusty just because of everything is grey and cloudy- i took my beloved mint pants out and wore it for something fresh in this very sad color-day-mix :)
a look with most of my favorite pieces as you know the scarf with its flowers on in berry tones always on top of my list and this american eagle cardigan i brought with me from new york-amazing so simple the color- really nice to wear everthing is perfect about it! and this shirt too from america- so simple with its blue black combination but also soo special and versitail for mixing fabrics with this fluffly thing in the front! :)
now its friday time to PARTY - so excited for prom ball i visit todays evening with my girls Lisa and Anny ♥

♥ Milena

Scarf: H&M; Cardigan: American Eagle; Shirt: don't know :p; Pants: Zara; Shoes: Esprit: Coat: H&M


OOTD- fingers crossed

today my girly and i had both a test- so each one kept her fingers crossed so nothing is going wrong- she had to do the math exam and i the english one :)
i hope everything went well... but we will see!
tomorrow WEEKEND- as every Thursday i am happy for 1.0000 just make the forenoon- which is not a big problem i just have chilly lessons :)

and in the evening i am going to meet up with my girls from my class and join the christmas market and trinking hot tea-just to getting warm and in the mood for prom ball we are going to visit after that!
in the morning i knew i want to wear this blazer and everything else came to my mind as soon as i opend the diffrent arks... i never thought salmon would go so perfect with brown and this touch of leopard *_*

♥ Milena


OOTD-karibik water

i simply love every shade of minty up to turquoise *_*
so i thought i team it up with black to make it more feeling fall- but you cant come over this it makes you happy and feeling just so free- like lying in the karibik sea and thinking how beautiful life can be :)
soo now i have to study a little bit, i am really happy this week is really chilly i dont have to do that much just english test tomorrow i hope i can manage it good :) i leave you with this kind of blurry pictures but i dont know why they tourned out like this!

♥ Milena

Bag-Zara; Jacket: Promod; Rest H&M; Shoes: Esprit;



ahhh we have this beautiful day going on with lot of sunshine and everything i am so happy that i am already at home and have not tobe in school until it is dark again! ;)
life can be so good! in the morning i heard this song in the radio and was motivated from then on, i heard another new favorite piece which is just so intoxicating that you immideatly have a smile on your face :D
now lets do some stuff for school and enjoy this absolutley amazing day!
i already think of what i should wear this upcoming weekend... on friday i am visiting a prom ball- therefor i did the decision yet-its going to be a shinning green, backless, dress with gold baroque stitching in the front- and woren with my new red shoes you saw in my party post from last saturday :), a little bit more complicated is the outfit choice i have to make for saturday, i will attend a hip hop party in general- so first rule is- flat shoes so i can dance as much as possible, 2th rule, definatly pants, with dress or skirt i am not that movable i wanna be, and 3th it has to be as cool as possible the location i am going to is not that big and if there are visiting many people and dancing its hot as hell... lets think about that and make some suggestion what to wear! :p
♥ Milena


OOTD-welcome to my 'fresh' hood

monday chiller day!
long school, training, no time for something else, being really tired already...
hihi but excited its almost tuesday :D
weeks are passing by so fast, seriously, one cat jump and christmas will be here- before i am one week off with my class for winter sports week! i am really happy to join it (:
so time rushes so fast-just enjoy everyday no matter how bushed you are- a simple sentence we already have read way too often but it really can be interpreted so well in any occasion

into a great week!
♥ Milena


NEW DAY-after that night

hihi Saturday PARTY TIME!
i enjoyed it  a lot with my fashionistas! thanks to fabi and mimi ♥
its always something special to going out with you-even if we cant walk anymore because we danced till dying- here i am waiting for the next chance We knew this day would come, we knew it all along! looking forward to amazing next weekend, i have already planned two events- but more on that later this upcoming week :) enjoy this sunny sunday! :p

♥ Milena


OOTD-theatre red

RED is always a hilight at day or at night! :D
i wore this outfit the hole day for school, and for a chilly shopping afternoon, and even translated into the evening by visting a theatre!
a cute shot in between with my brother, he is so full of lovelyness and cuteness- love him *_*

♥ Milena


wg-donnerstag shooting

this is the spontanious shooting my bestfriend and i did a few weeks ago, hope you like it-tomorrow its already frieday! *_*

♥ Milena



wendnesday-half of the week, feeling busy so get the simplest look!
this baroque pattern scarf is another family heirloom i got, its from my grand-father who is not with us any more :( so i wear it with lot of love ♥
i am so excited to find vintage things and bringing them into the now- restyle it and having a great time, the baroque theme is a trend we have for this fall, so it is with the brown tones perfekt!

♥ Milena



green in winter is the only color what we see :))
so i thought it would be a good choice today and in combination with the dark red its absolut usable for fall! 
i did some house and home work and now just chilling i am just so tired!
just get over the week d:

♥ Milena



short outfit update after a loooooooong school day!!
but the terrifying monday is over i and the week just can get better :)
i am really tired-but soon i am going to my training i also have today...
this galaxy printed skirt is definately one of my best buys EVER in LOVE
so the focus was on it -tell me if you like it :p

♥ Milena