OOTD-glitter it!

this is a fun project my best friend and i had going on! :)
she came to me and it was our usual thursday flat-share day...
and then it tourned out into a massive look and foto creating process :)
there was one rule given- each other choose the outfit for the otherone, there are no comments and regrets allowed what she gives you, you have to wear (this is not really a hard point-each of us has this matchable stylisch look-even if we often discuss and have our own opions these are just about details but in the main caracter we have the same fashion-feeling!
so there are a few more pictures up coming hope you like them, as always it was so much fun doing tn! we love it, be spontaneous :p even if my sleepingroom afterwards looked like a hot mess no matter, then you really love to put everything back in stock! ;)
the funny thing was the outfits we pulled together always matched from the theme so first we got both a very glamoruos glitter look, i show you now!

♥ Milena

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