ahhh we have this beautiful day going on with lot of sunshine and everything i am so happy that i am already at home and have not tobe in school until it is dark again! ;)
life can be so good! in the morning i heard this song in the radio and was motivated from then on, i heard another new favorite piece which is just so intoxicating that you immideatly have a smile on your face :D
now lets do some stuff for school and enjoy this absolutley amazing day!
i already think of what i should wear this upcoming weekend... on friday i am visiting a prom ball- therefor i did the decision yet-its going to be a shinning green, backless, dress with gold baroque stitching in the front- and woren with my new red shoes you saw in my party post from last saturday :), a little bit more complicated is the outfit choice i have to make for saturday, i will attend a hip hop party in general- so first rule is- flat shoes so i can dance as much as possible, 2th rule, definatly pants, with dress or skirt i am not that movable i wanna be, and 3th it has to be as cool as possible the location i am going to is not that big and if there are visiting many people and dancing its hot as hell... lets think about that and make some suggestion what to wear! :p
♥ Milena

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