OOTD-morning glory

its going to be  a beautiful weekend day!
first i got up early and did some housework and just enjoyed being up early then i went shopping just a short time i needed some stuff for today!
today will be a day with lots of friends and good times! now my twinnis are visiting my home for the very first time i am excited what they will think about it :)
and afterwards its some bestfriends time again- we go to an event to photograph and just be there :p
in the evening a very good friend of mine is celebrating her birthday so we are going out that night- will be aboslutely amazing-whish you a wonderful weeeeeekend honeys!

hope you like my outfit is something i dont now simple for going out that early and now the sun came out so its almost too cold to go out with 'just' a leather jacket! but anyway it fittet so good to the hole look so i froze a little bit- it doesnt matter! :)) if you want to be fashionable then you have to be flexible and hold out :p

♥ Milena

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