OODT-holidays party

its again long time ago since you heard from me right!?
i whish i  could be able to post more and spend most of my time doing pictures and capture some nice outfits- but in reality - its a long way to go there...
like especially in december i had sooo much to do for school i just had no time left for anything else! sadly :(
and as we have winter time over here, i am tired as hell anytime and everyday

as there is another difference i won't  show you anymore every outfit  i wore- or every pics i do- BECAUSE i thought that i just like the best of the best for you and no just simply done pictures so this go for me to a higher level- as a result - higher level means more time for everything from outfit choosing to location, pictures and editing! ( i hope i can manage everything better in 2014)

but i won't make any promises because i am not sure how to keep them at all- as i already know january is going to be as tough as december was!

this jacket is my this seasons holiday gadget- its a show stopper (show stopper take me to another thing-this awesome necklace; i got as a little pre christmas gift from one special girly<3)  and i try to wear it in many different ways i capture these and you tell me  which you liked most right!?
here is the first up to come...

<3 Milena

Shoes, Pants; Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Infected
Jacket: Tally weil

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