i wanted to catch a little bit of sun and summer; dreaming of coachella and urban art forms and many other festivals- since we have around 15° here and its raining every single day- so i got tired of that and in contrast i did these pics! :)
they came out really how i wanted to, so there will be a serie of 2-4 posts within these- but as you will notice there is always a little twist!

now to the outfit, almost everything is 'new' to the blog or better to my closet :p
everything just the hat- these shorts are from my shopping day in vienna from f21 like these and this pink spirit shirt my bestfriend brought with her from barcelona .awsome what!? :) the bikini underneath is from h&m first i was really terrified from the neon colors, but o gosh now i am so happy with -and it goes together so well with the shirt!!!
the light braclet is also from mimi ♥ and the others just my all time jewels-necklace a timeless piece i also have from f21 in gold and silver-love to mix them (sry cant find online)

♥ Milena

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