my life

here are just some random picked pictures i had somewhere cruising through my phone-
some food daily outfits just to catch em up for friends or some shots after partys... :D
as i already said just something random you would find while browsing my phone!

<3 Milena

(actually had the perfect outfit for the first school day- but sadly i am really not happy how the pictures tourned out and i had some struggles with my camera so i am going to have another shoot for this outfit hope to make it asap!)

fresh flowers and vegetables from my grandfathers garden

after a nice hip hop party evening :)

getting my mac book, and finally some breakfast because i had to be in store around 6... the night before i celebrated my friend lisas birthday- can imagine how awake i felt :p

my look for lisa's party! skater skirt- galaxy shirt- some dope kurt geiger heels- golden belt

the day before my driving licence test (did every question at least 4 times- lot of work :p)

some kind of healthy meal or brunch something in between!

another party look- neoprene dress from h&m simple leather jacket and my new fav pink heels

after a looong day in the city with  lot of running errands for getting everything i needed!

fresh flowers chocolate and in style from my cutest mommy (my name day :p)

our new family member: welcome SINA <3

my motto for working (picture taken around 5:15 at work)

shopping trip with my family- i was driving around 400 km that day :p

hippie birthday party- make love not war!!!  with my mommy-styled very dressy

Vienna - awesome breakfast- kind of bar think

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