here is the second post i told you to do!
you can find the first one some days ago on my blog :)
in this pictures everything is just about that amazing door in the background-
i wished somehow my outfit would haven been weather a little bit more simple and not over thought for this door or just a little bit more colorful to match kind of the door...
but once you are there you are not going home to change clothes no ha. :p but probably if i would have had more time^^(just think haha)
but overall i really like the lightning and how they turned out in the end

soon i am heading to the airport and then i am off to LONDON-baby
       7days of street style, more options to dress different than everywhere else, have some nice tourist                     attractions, and hopefully i find the one or other secret place to shoot or find a flea market (anybody know some great ones on the weekend in the area of london?)
some shopping (hope to get everything back without paying to much for overload hahaha)
of course have an eye open for special things and just enjoy the whole flair, from the big city lifestyle or just the multiethnic cultures london have got...

<3 Milena

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