dreams high-dreams fly

its been quite here latley right!? - sorry i havent posted for  11! days.... what the heck did i do^^
but well i have to admit i am almost all the time at the work or sleeping at home because i am so tired from my work, so i am really not into shooting anything or even just to get dressed many times i have to leave at 4:45 AM so there its no time to get a fully outfit and its still cold outside and then when i get home its hot as hell... many problems and troubles haha!
but now enough moaning, i really try to updat more regulary but i really cant promise anything^^ depends on how my weeks are planned and everthing.

but i am back with a new photo series-shooted with my bestfriend! <3 (thank you- the only one who  can put all my Vision and dreams  into Pictures and she is the one who do every single  idea because she understands the sense-no one else would spend that much time for it!)

<3 Milena

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