golden girl

hey sweetys :)

my day was really cool! school wasn't bad, then i had to rush i ate in 15 minutes, so i came to my training in time... :DD
the gym we had training is full length in the sun and inside there are around 30°C its a lot because you are also dancing so everything is just hot :)
today i wore an flexible outfit for hot and cold so i can change in minutes :p
thats a thing i dont like in autumn in the morning its cold and ugly and at midday its hot so you could go around with a  nice summer dress....

♥ Milena

Short: H&M; Pullover: Promod; Belt: H&M;

Necklace 1: 3th world shop; Necklace long: Vero Moda; Bracelets: H&M and Vintage

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