OOTD-late 25th

hellloo I am back!
I did go trough a rough time the last 3 weeks as i had to manage the middle january kind of 'school-year is coming to an end' stress every teacher has in my school... so first things first school did use all of my time and energy!
the result was/is ... since 2 weeks i am sick! first I had still to go to school because of exams which didn't help out to get well soon - so this week including last weekend I am constantly in my bed and just sleeping and chilling around! had a hard time, during the night i couldn't sleep because of the pain so i needed lot of medicine and so on but right now i feel so much better and hope to be fit till weekend :)

outfit details... this is my very last holidays look with this sequined bomber!
this look was for the 25th of december santa's party at my aunt and uncles house-
theme: more is more
the jacket is a show piece + i threw on my all over glitter shirt and non plus ultra completing the look with my velvet black leggings!!

<3 Milena
p.s we have snooow here- so i thought these pictures would fit the feeling! :)

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