honeys :) this is my first DIY and i hope you like it, i did this bag for a very good friend because of her birthday... so here just the pictures and get the inspiration just try your own, it was my first  bag i've ever done and it tourned out really nice what do you think, let me know! :)
♥ Milena

get a plastic bag of your choice and cut off the arched handle and cut the hole sack in to 2 pieces so you get the front side and back side

take  the pieces and draw lines in the breadth of your choice 1 piece across and 2 alongside

cut along the line so you get stripes like this

this is know the tricky part :) -> lay one plastic bag side with the stripes on the desk and bond the left end of each stipe on the desk after that you get the other one and braid the other stripes in . . . it is always up and under the across laying stripes which you have bond to the desk so its easier to work, after your are ready, you have to get a big sticky tape and put it all over the braided plastic stripes in the frontside and backside always stripe by stripe from the sticky tape again. ( you do a lamination)

now take a fabric with the colour of your choice and . . .
cut it so it fits to the meassures of your braided plastic piece

i just sewed the pink fabric on the backside of my plastic piece and bought a pink hook-and-loop fastener and also sewed it on and then i did a fissure on each side  ... :D

here you see the pink fabric ( i added a small pocket inside)  and the hook-and-loop fastener

this is know the backside of the bag where you can see the 'hidden' david bekham :p

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